September 4, 2020 Ahmad Raza

End Food Waste, Feed the Hungry!

Our student, Haider Qaizar in Beaconhouse Abbottabad, ia advocating for the Food Donation Act. His petition is directed to the Minister of National Food Security and Research, Pakistan.  Haider states that, “in Pakistan, 60% of the population is facing food insecurity and malnutrition. According to UN World Food Programme 44% of Pakistani children younger than five years of age are stunted and 15% suffer from acute malnutrition despite the fact that Pakistan is self-sufficient in major staples. An estimated 36 million tonnes of food is wasted in Pakistan every year. This is equivalent to every citizen of Karachi, Lahore and Hyderabad tossing out entire lunches and dinners every day.” Sign this petition and demand that the Food Donation Act be mandated, and prevent nutritious food from being thrown away. trash.

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