Earn a Unicaf Scholarship and Study for an Accredited Master’s or Doctoral Degree Online learning

October 1, 2020
October 1, 2020 Ahmad Raza

Earn a Unicaf Scholarship and Study for an Accredited Master’s or Doctoral Degree Online learning

Unicaf is the leading online and on-campus learning platform offering affordable, quality higher education to underserved markets. Unicaf is a global educational organisation based in Europe, offering scholarships to eligible candidates to pursue academic studies with its partner universities, currently the University of Suffolk (UK), the Liverpool John Moores University (UK), the University of East London (UK), the University of California, Riverside Extension (USA) and multi-campus Unicaf University (Africa). Other than the fully online programmes offered through the partner universities, Unicaf offers a number of taught programmes at the Unicaf University campuses. The Unicaf Scholarship Programme has awarded so far over $100 million worth of scholarships to more than 30,000 eligible applicants in 156 countries around the world. The scholarships are awarded to talented individuals who are financially challenged and they reduce considerably the cost of tuition fees; the remaining fees are paid in easy installments, as part of tailor-made, affordable payment plans.
Unicaf facilitates the global online delivery of study materials for Bachelor, Master’s or Doctoral degrees through its state-of-the-art digital platform, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Online learning is gaining ground as an efficient way to impart new knowledge, skills and qualifications, which is suitable for people living away from urban centres, for family careers, for people with disabilities and for working professionals who cannot give up their careers and salaries to earn new qualifications, in order to seek a promotion or find a better job.
Monthly intakes allow students to register with Unicaf throughout the year. While studying in modules allows students to explore in depth one topic at a time before moving to the next.
Why Study with Unicaf?
• Low Cost – through the Unicaf Scholarship Programme you pay only a small portion of the fees.
• Accreditation – you earn an internationally recognized undergraduate or postgraduate degree from established Unicaf partner universities in the UK, the US, Europe and Africa.
• Easy Access – you have 24/7 online access to course material, via the state-of-the-art virtual learning environment.
• Easy Registration – you apply, you receive admission, you are awarded a scholarship and you commence your studies

UNICAF Learning
• E-learning system: Your classes will take place in an online environment. You can log in any time, at your convenience. Once online, you’ll communicate with your instructors and fellow students, read assigned texts, access digital materials, post assignments and comment on other students’ assignments.
• Online Tutors: We do our best to give our students the greatest possible support with expert online tutors. All of our tutors are experts in their fields and have many years of experience at the highest standard. Your tutor will endeavour to respond to your queries as fast as possible, with helpful advice and tips on whatever part of the course you have a query about.
• Online Classroom: The online learning experience will include extensive participation and interaction with faculty and fellow students.

To check which program you are eligible for, check out : https://www.unicaf.org/eligibility/

How to Apply:
–The Application Process is very simple and quick.
1.Fill out a simple form
2. Next wait for an Adviser from the university you applied for to call you.
3.The admissions team will then reach out to you to schedule an interview, to discuss the admissions procedure and to help you with your scholarship application.

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