October 23, 2020 Ahmad Raza

Kids Hack the Crisis 

Kids Hack the Crisis 

The Covid-19 virus is testing our countries, our societies and us as citizens. Everyone is impacted – old as well as young – and for many of us, everything normal about our daily lives has been put on hold. Schools and activities have been disrupted and there are new ways of doing things.

The mission of Kids Hack the Crisis is to engage and unite children’s voices around the world, to generate solutions to the challenges faced by children due to the pandemic – both in the short and long term. Children’s lives and life chances have been affected, both by the virus itself and by the consequences of decisions taken to limit the spread of the virus – school closure, social and economic consequences, social isolation and distancing, increased need of digital solutions etc. The five challenges listed below are related to articles of the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  1. The right to education
  2. The right to health
  3. End poverty
  4. End violence
  5. The right to participation

Kids Hack the Crisis is an online hackathon and innovation marathon for kids to collaboratively work on challenges. This hackathon event spans 48 hours and participants called “hackers” will work individually or in teams. Assisting the hackers are mentors at hand who are ready to help out with any questions that pop up, whether it’s with brainstorming or coding. The hackathon ends with a closing ceremony where projects are presented and a jury evaluates the competing submissions. Only those from “The Challenge” track who opt in for judging will be evaluated.


Kids Hack the Crisis is aimed at children and youth all around the world aged between age 10 and 18, with different levels of knowledge and ambition. There are several ways to participate – you can participate without previous experience and on your own terms (no requirement to attend the whole 48 hours). Competing is optional. The global language will be English and it is possible to participate through a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Time and Dates of Event

Kids Hack the Crisis will open on Friday 23 October, with a live-streamed Opening Ceremony at 17.00 CET. At 18.00 CET all teams will start working. The deadline for submitting solutions is on Sunday 25 October. The Prize Ceremony (winners of the Challenge track) will be live streamed on Wednesday 28 October at 18.00 CET.

How this works?

One week before the event you will get an invite to the platform of your specific track along with more useful information preparing you for the hackathon. You have not committed to join until you finalize your registration in that step.

  • Individuals are welcome to sign up! There will be a matching time before the event starts where teams can incorporate new team members, and new teams will be formed.
  • In the Experience track you will be assigned a working group to join, no further team building needed. In the Experience you can either initiate a team for others to join or you can join someone else’s team. You do this by either submitting an idea and request skills you need or you browse through existing ideas/teams who need a hand and submit a request to join. You will be invited to the platform one week before the hackathon starts.
  • In the Experience track your facilitators will guide you through the challenges so no need to pick one. In the Challenge track you will have the possibility to submit an idea, based on any of the challenges, starting one week before the hackathon begins. Other hackers can then request to join your team and idea.
  • In the Challenge track you will have the option to submit your solution for evaluation by a jury, this is however not a requirement in order to participate.
  • Learn more about Learn more about what each track means! (https://hack.sweden.se/kids/join-as-hacker/)



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