November 19, 2020 Ahmad Raza

Fantastic upcoming opportunity for students considering to study STEM!

Fantastic upcoming opportunity for students considering to study STEM! “The New York Academy of Sciences invites students to a virtual series called Chat with a Scientist, which spotlights the diversity of STEM professionals and their careers, and creates a casual space where youth can engage with and learn from real scientists.
Each Chat with a Scientist event will last for 60 minutes and feature 2 scientists who will have the opportunity to talk about their paths into science, the work they currently do and, most importantly, answer questions directly from participants. Our goal is to provide young people with relatable role models, raise awareness of the breadth of STEM careers, and spark a lifelong love of science.”
Who you’ll meet:
Seng H. Cheng, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer of the Rare Disease Research Unit, Pfizer
Hometown: Ipoh, Malaysia & Bury St. Edmunds, UK
Your current job: I am the Chief Scientific Officer of the Rare Disease Research Unit at Pfizer. I am responsible for overseeing the development of new medicines for people, primarily children, with genetic diseases and for which there are no treatments presently.
Why you love science: I enjoy and am motivated by the opportunity to develop novel solutions in the form of drugs or medicines that can benefit children and adults who have a serious disease. Science is a broad topic but biological sciences, in particular, is important because it can provide a greater understanding of the why, what and how we work as an individual.
Where you went to school: I graduated from the University of London (Kings College) in the United Kingdom for both my Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Doctorate (PhD) degrees.
Surprising fact about yourself: I have lived in 3 different continents (Asia, Europe and North America), the longest being in the US and enjoy traveling around the world to meet and experience different cultures.
Monica Schenone, PhD
Lead for the East Coast Chemical Biology group, Pfizer
Hometown: I was born in Mendoza, Argentina but traveled a lot between the US and South America.
Your current job: I Lead the East Coast Chemical Biology group. We try to understand our small molecules and the proteins that they act on to advance drug candidates to cure disease.
Why you love science: I love science because it keeps me constantly learning and feeds my curiosity
Where you went to school: Universidad de Buenos Aires and University of Notre Dame
Favorite activities/hobbies outside of work: I love to cook and read historical fiction. I have three kids who all play soccer competitively and keep me on fields year-round.
To learn more and register for this free event, visit:…/webinar-chat-with-a-scientist/…
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