November 28, 2020 Ahmad Raza

WeVoi: A Ground-Breaking Online Public Speaking Competition

WeVoi:  A Ground-Breaking Online Public Speaking Competition

Public speaking is a vital day-to-day and professional life skill for young people. WeVoi aims to unify participants from every walk of life to develop and appreciate this ability, to speak their mind and share their thoughts on an international online platform. Participants finish the competition enhancing their confidence and learning how to develop and structure their opinions.

This exciting competition is open to young minds from all over the world. There are 2 stages: WeVoi National and WeVoi Global (both are conducted online). Every young speaker has a chance to participate in both WeVoi National Rounds and qualify for the WeVoi Global Rounds. Speakers have a chance to participate in one or both National Rounds; the best out of both will be considered for qualification for the WeVoi Global Round.

  • Registration Deadline for availing Coupon Code: 17th December, 2020, 5pm sharp.
  • Submission Deadline: 18th December, 2020
  • Individual Participation Fee for 1 National Round: 3,000 PKR

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