January 8, 2021 Ahmad Raza

Abu Dhabi University Scholarships 2021

Abu Dhabi University Scholarships 2021

Abu Dhabi University welcomes outstanding students. Scholarships of Abu Dhabi University include financial aid programs that help the students to build the key pillars of educational and academic objectives. Across all Emirates, Abu Dhabi University is one of the largest universities in UAE. It has more than 50 postgraduate and undergraduate programs along with multiple affiliations globally with renowned institutions. This university is guaranteed for its international quality of education.


All scholarships can be extended for up to 4 years. Some scholarships also require an English language proficiency certificate. The scholarship process will begin after the successful admission of the candidate into the university program. It is a fully-funded scholarship in Abu Dhabi.

Eligibility Criteria of Abu Dhabi University Scholarships 2021:
•    All national and international students may apply.
•    All candidates must be willing to be a full-time student.
•    A candidate must be good in health.
•    A candidate must have English Proficiency Certificate

Application Deadline: There are 3 timelines that are open throughout the year;
•    Winter Semester/ 31 December 2020
•    Spring Semester/ 18 February 2021
•    Summer Semester/ 17 June 2021

For more information: https://www.adu.ac.ae/en/study/financials/scholarships

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