Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition

An international competition now also available for Pakistani students!

About Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition

Are you looking to harness your child’s wild imagination or put all that creative energy to good use? The 13th Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition (BCWC) 2022-23, organized in Pakistan by Eye on Ivy, is the perfect opportunity to catch those clouds and daffodils. Eye on Ivy is pleased to announce that it has brokered an arrangement with none other than the CorPlus to allow Pakistani students to participate. The BCWC aims to foster a love for creativity, imagination, reading and writing.

 13th Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition 2022-2023

The 13th BCWC is a one-time 60 minute creative writing paper. Currently, both schools and individuals can register. The test can be taken on paper or online.

The process

The competition itself is simple. Firstly, all teachers of English in schools are welcome to have their students participate. The competition is open to students from 6th to 12th grades, although each grade level is separate from the others (that is, 6th graders only compete against other 6th graders, 7th with 7th, etc.). Participating schools choose a date (from the officially announced writing days) and a time for their students to write. The morning of the competition, the official topics are sent out by the organizers. Students are given one hour to respond to one of three creative, unusual themes (these are different for each grade level). Over the course of the hour, students may not consult dictionaries, grammar references, the Internet, other students, etc. The goal is instead to create their own unique pieces of writing (in English), to think “outside the box”. After the hour is over, the participants submit their works to the teacher/coordinator, who then scans the results and emails them to the organizers.

Judging & Prizes

Once all the pieces of work have been received, panels of  judges (teachers, writers, native English speakers, and specialists) read the works. Using various criteria (available HERE), the judges select the best works from each judging panel. Students whose works do not qualify for the national round will still receive a certificate of participation. The selected works are sent on to international judging. At the international level, the creative works are again read and rated; first, second, and third places are awarded to the top pieces from each grade. These students are invited to the international awards ceremony, where they are presented with prizes: high-quality English-learning and writing-related materials donated from supporting organizations (in 2021, these included the U.S. Embassy in Sofia, the American University in Bulgaria, Express Publishing and Klett Publishing). There are also several additional prizes provided for outstanding writing. In 2021, these included scholarships to English language summer camps, English language trainings and autographed books. Of course, prizes are only one reason to participate in the BCWC. Our main goal is to show students that every sort of talent deserves to be cultivated and shared with the world. Everyone’s voice matters! So join the fun.

 Eligible: Grade 6-12

(6 graders only compete against other 6 graders, 7 with 7, etc.).

Individual Participation Fee:  PKR 4,400

 Contest Dates:

Registration Dates:                                          3rd to 25th October 2022

Writing days                                                      22nd to 23rd November 2022

National judging                                              20th to 22nd January 2023

First Round of judging                                    11th to 17th January 2023

Announcing Winners                                        23rd January 2023

For Individuals registering with Eye on Ivy:

Schools may choose either of the two days to take the test.

After the registration, various creative writing lessons and past topics will be shared via email.

Individuals, after filling out the form follow the registration process below.

We encourage you to register hydra as early as possible to gain preparation material and ample time to prepare for the contest. Under the supervision of a teacher, students are given one hour to respond to a grade-specific topic. They may not use any dictionaries, textbooks, or other materials when writing. It’s the ideas that matter, not the grammar!

Contest Details

  1. Sign up as a school
  2. Sign up as individual

 How to Participate

  1. Fill out the registration form: https://form.jotform.com/213002129883450
  2. Receive Registration Payment Email.
  3. After payment, send us a screenshot of your receipt, including name, school, and grade.
  4. Receive confirmation email including preparation material will also be included.

Disclaimer – If you do not send us a photo of your receipt with the required details, we are not responsible for registering you.

We encourage you to explore the following links to gain a better idea of BCWC 2022:

2022 BCWC Official Competition Protocol ENG

2022 BCWC. FAQ

BCWC Judging criteria for students

Selected prompts

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Creative Writing Toolkit-Teacher Notes

Creative Writing Toolkit-Student Worksheets

50 Fantastic Creative Writing Exercises

Award Ceremony

Winning Works Booklet 2020

If you any questions please contact us at bcwc@eyeonivy.com

Or call us at Mobile & WhatsApp: +92 318-7272100

Landline: +92 42 35958444

NOTE : The courier would be attached to the provided address only once if due to some reason one is unable to collect it, you are requested to visit the office for the collection of your certificate/ medal.

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