About Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition

In 2011 Bulgaria joined the International Writing Olympics, which later became the International Creative Writing Competition. In 2012, the competition expanded to include all public schools, receiving over 800 submissions. The CORPlus Foundation established an independent version called the Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition in English in 2012-2013, offering more opportunities for prizes and recognition. In 2022, over 3,700 students from 147 schools took part in the competition.

The 14th edition of the Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition (BCWC) 2023-24 hosted in Pakistan by Eye on Ivy, presents an ideal platform to capture those ephemeral ideas and poetic expressions. Eye on Ivy serves as the authorized representative of CorPlus, the organizer of BCWC, enabling Pakistani students to partake in this esteemed contest. BCWC endeavors to nurture a deep affection for ingenuity, imagination, literature, and composition.

The BCWC consists of a single round but each writing piece is evaluated twice: once in the preliminary round and then in the national judging phase.

The competition itself is simple. Participating schools choose a date (from the officially announced writing days), a time for their students to write and a supervisor to make sure that during the writing time, students may not consult dictionaries, grammar references, the Internet, other students, etc. The goal is to create their own unique pieces of writing (in English), to think “outside the box”. The morning of the competition, the official topics are sent out by the organizers (Eye on Ivy). Students are given one hour to respond to one of three creative, unusual themes (these are different for each grade level). After the writing time is over, the participants or their supervisor submit (email) their works to the organizers.

Judges assess the works based on specific criteria to select the best entries. Participants who don’t qualify receive participation certificates. The chosen works advance to the international level, where they are evaluated again, and top pieces receive first, second, and third place awards.

Age Criteria Guidelines Merits & Awards Cost & Payment Dates To Remember Results

The competition is open to students in grades 6 - 12.

(6 graders only compete against other 6 graders, 7 with 7, etc.).

Winners attend an international awards ceremony and receive prizes donated by supporting organizations, including English-learning materials, scholarships, and autographed books.

Medals and Certificates:  Only students who register through Eye on Ivy are eligible to receive their medals & certificates in hard form (according to the Contest results).

Please make sure you provide us with the correct postal address at the time of registration. The courier would be dispatched to the provided address only ONCE.

If for some reason you are unable to receive it you are requested to collect the same by visiting our office.

Competition Cost: $15 US 

In order to confirm your registration, please send in your payments at:

Account Title: Eye on Ivy

Bank Name: Bank Alfalah

Account #: 0047-1008020549

Please email us your transaction receipts or screenshots for electronic at bcwc@eyeonivy.com

 You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Disclaimer- Any errors or omissions in the form will be the responsibility of the registrant. In case of failure to send us a photo of your paid receipt at the given address and time, we will not be responsible for registering you.

Payment is nonrefundable if you are unable to participate in the competition after registration.

Dates to Remember/Deadlines:

Writing days                                                                  November 22 – 23, 2023 

Preliminary judging                                                       January 11 – 17, 2024

National judging                                                           January 20 – 22, 2024

Award ceremony                                                           February 11, 2024

Results: Participants will be able to see their full results on the evening of each contest’s end.

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Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition

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