Announcing the National Results for Caribou Contest November Round 2!

Congratulations to all the contestants of the Caribou Contests November Round! Our Pakistani Students are doing a commendable job. Way to go kids! Keep up the good work!

The Canadian founded Caribou Cup is an internationally acclaimed Mathematics Competition that not only tests and sharpens the math and logical skills of contestants but also cranks up the FUN through its endless games, puzzles and prizes when it comes to Math!

Eye on Ivy heartily congratulates the top finalists in the National Rounds. For those not listed here, please don’t be discouraged and practice for the next rounds through games, past papers and video resources, there’s always room for improvement! Good luck for the next rounds!

A special shout out to Harvard Grammar High School, Sialkot for leading the pack throughout the contest, they’re doing exceptionally well together.

Sign up for the next round here (those who have registered in the November Round do not need to register again):

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