October 22, 2020 Ahmad Raza

Announcing the National Results for Caribou Contest October Round 1! 


Pakistani students are trailblazing the world when it’s coming to Math Competitions!  The Caribou Cup is a series of six contests, in which participants have already lassoed high scores in the first round. 03028414444

Our younger ones are the only ones to have bagged the top rankings in the world! Way to go kids! We’ve surely got a line of mathematicians in the works! Be sure not to miss the next rounds and keep up your amazing rankings!

Here are our Top National rankings for the October 2020 Caribou Contest in each Grade Level. The students have done a marvelous job. While this was their first time ever, most of them managed to rank in the world top 100s! The best part is that there are still 5 more rounds to come and ranking can be improved drastically. With a bit of hard work our students can definitely bag the Caribou Cup 2020.


We heartily congratulate all our students for a successful round 1.

For more information on how to sign up for the next rounds, please visit Caribou

Note- The rankings are based on score and the number of students who have got the same score. If 3 students got a perfect score, they will all be in 1st place, and the next student with only one incorrect answer will be 4th in ranking because there are already 3 students ahead of them.