An international competition now also available for Pakistani students!

About Caribou

Founder & CEO of Caribou Contests, Dr. Thomas Wolf along with his team, Dr. Joanne Tejeda & Sarah Louise Hasselman held an orientation session to brief Pakistani students. Please see the recorded session for FAQs and tips on how to ace the Caribou Contests and win the Caribou Cup!

The Caribou Mathematics Competition or Caribou Cup is an international online math contest held six times over the school year, typically over 2 days in October, November, January, February, April, and May. Each contest is run at the 7 contest levels, Grades K/1, 2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, and 11/12. Contest questions and solutions are now offered in English, French, Persian, Mandarin, Ukrainian, Khmer, Vietnamese and the list keeps growing! All participants receive certificates for participation and achievement, and top-scoring students can earn cash prizes.

Caribou contests differ from other contests in that they:

• are offered six times per school year (October – May),
• are designed to be accessible and enjoyable to students of all levels, not just those who excel in mathematics,
• cater to students from Kindergarten all the way through to grade 12,
• contain interactive questions loved by students,
• feature mathematical puzzles rather than strictly knowledge-based questions,
• require minimal time and effort from schools and teachers since contests are held online and graded automatically,
• come with results and statistics available on the evening after the contest,
• provide 250 video solutions to selected questions,
• offer interactive practice access to contests from previous years and detailed written solutions


7 languages on offer: English, French, Persian, Mandarin Chinese, Ukrainian, Khmer, and Vietnamese.

Cash prizes are awarded to top-performing students at the end of the year.

Special features:

  • Full results on the evening of each contest’s end
  • Interactive questions using fun math & logic games (every contest, announced 2 weeks in advance)
  • Math History questions (two contests per year, announced 2 weeks in advance)
  • Video solutions on our Youtube Dailymotion channels
  • All previous contests including interactive questions available as previous tests online 24/7
  • Certificates of participation and merit for individual contests and for the whole Caribou Cup, which counts the best 5 out of 6 contests

Any school-aged child can participate in Caribou Contests, no matter their nationality or schooling situation. The competition is online so you can participate from anywhere in the world!

To participate you need only 4 things:

1. A Contact person to run the contest (For Pakistan: your contact representative is Eye on Ivy)
2. A place to write the contest
3. A device with internet access (computers are preferred but tablets and smartphones are also possible)
4. A valid access code

Contest Rules
These are the contest rules one agrees to when participating in Caribou Contests:

• An adult must be present to supervise the contest and ensure fair participation.
• Once started, students have 50 consecutive minutes to complete the test.
• If a student is idle for 30 minutes, their participation will automatically close.
• Calculators are neither permitted nor necessary. We recommend using a pencil and paper.
• Students are to write the test individually, with no outside help
(i.e. from other students, parents, teachers, cheatsheets, textbooks, the internet etc.).
• Participants may not communicate about the questions before the end of the 2nd contest day.
• Students may only participate in one contest level.

We count on the supervising adults and the integrity of participants to ensure that these rules are followed. However, we have also developed a series of statistical tools to help identify unfair participation. When unfair participation is detected, we reserve the right to remove the student’s contest entry from ranking. For more information about these tools, see our page about Contest Rules.

What others are saying about Caribou:

School principals, teachers and parents from around the world have reported an increase in their student’s skills, confidence and interest in mathematics. There has been a rise in student’s overall performance and motivation. Teachers are delighted to have an inclusive hydra onion and interactive platform that is perfect for online engagement.

Contest Dates

The Contest takes place on 6 two day events in the school calendar for all grade levels.

No Date Grades
1 19th & 20th October, 2022 K/1, 2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12
2 23th & 24th November, 2022 K/1, 2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12
3 18th & 19th January, 2023 K/1, 2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12
4 15th & 16th February, 2023 K/1, 2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12
5 5th & 6th April, 2023 K/1, 2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12
6 3rd & 4th May, 2023 K/1, 2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12

The students may participate on either of the given two days as per their convenience or teacher’s discretion. The contests can be started from any time between 7:30 am and 7:30 pm. Students are given 50 minutes to complete the test, and the results are announced at the end of second day.

Cost of Participation:

  • Cost of participation:
  • Grade KG -1 the fee is $7 CAD
  • Grade 2- 4 the fee is $18 CAD
  • Grade 5- 12 the fee is $30 CAD
  • School  Registration is $640 CAD

Once paid, a student can participate in all rounds.

How to Register for Caribou Contests
For registrations, please fill the form at

Registration deadline: You can register anytime before any contest round.

For any queries, please feel free to reach out to us at or call at +92 318 7272 100.

For detail information about the contest, please visit

Note: Only students who register through Eye on Ivy are eligible to receive their medals & certificates in hard form( according to the Contest results).

Please make sure you provide us with the correct postal address at the time of registration.The courier would be attached to the provided address only ONCE.

If for some reason you are unable to receive it you are requested to collect the same by visiting our office.

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