Army Public School & Colleges System

Our strategic partnership program provides school counselors and management with unique opportunities to access our platform and offers career counseling solutions to students, parents and school management.

Eye on Ivy caters to all main stream education systems in Pakistan. Our vision is to offer the best education and career planning services to those who need it most and play an active role in assisting each individual’s life college and career choices. Our new partner, the Army Public Schools & Colleges System (APSACS) Secretariat serves as a central unifying body which ensures uniformity and standardization amongst more than 200 branches of Army Public Schools and Colleges. We are excited to collaborate with APSACS as our partner.

Near Peer

Nearpeer aims to make quality education accessible and affordable throughout Pakistan and surrounding regions using technology. With our course offerings for FSc/Intermediate, O/Alevel, Entry Tests (MDCAT, SAT, ECAT), CSS, CA, ACCA etc, we make sure the best education reaches everyone resulting in significant improvement in the results and making students fall in love with learning.

Climate Science Ltd

ClimateScience and Eye on Ivy have complementary objectives and a mutual desire to collaborate in a number of areas of common interest such as empowering the youth to engage in climate action, providing the youth opportunities such as competitions and volunteer programs, and promoting education.
Specifically, ClimateScience and Eye on Ivy will work together to engage Pakistani youth
in ClimateScience programs, including but not limited to:
1.1. ClimateScience Olympiad
1.2. ClimateScience Explore
1.3. ClimateScience Clubs
1.4. Community coordination and volunteer opportunities

Dot & Line

Dot and Line brings a learning revolution to Pakistan! World class programs in math, English, coding and Urdu offered by online expert tutors. Dot and Line strive to help every child reach their full potential, with the best teachers, cutting-edge technology and world class lesson plans.


Daastan Pvt. Ltd. is a for-profit company operating in the domain of promoting and publishing literature in Pakistan. Daastan is an award-winning literary forum working to revamp writing industry in Pakistan. Daastan supports individuals with a passion for writing and are looking for opportunities to build their portfolio, improve skills or earn by writing. Daastan reaches out to the literary organizations, professionals, and businesses to groom and connect writers with the right opportunities. Daastan believes that writers are the intellectuals of the society who have the power to influence the mindset of masses and unite them for a common goal.

Foster Learning Pakistan

Foster Learning Pakistan is a social enterprise with international collaborations, aiming at empowering Pakistani youth through its Leadership Program which helps to develop the skills, essentially required to have a successful career as a Professional or as an entrepreneur. Foster Learning is a blended learning Ed-tech platform, promoting entrepreneurship and skills-based training to improve employability. FLP achieve this by digitizing education, partnered with recognized. Public sector higher education institutions across Punjab/KPK, Pakistan Engineering Council, and Internationally certified training bodies.

Peace First

Peace First is a organization co-led by young people that supports young people ages 13-25 to create a more compassionate, just and peaceful world by providing digital tools, community support, start-up funding and stories that celebrate their social change journeys and impact. They were founded by teenagers in 1992 at Harvard University upon a simple idea: if we are going to solve the world’s greatest problems, we must support young people with the skills and commitments to solve problems by connecting with others with compassion, standing up for ideals and others with courage, and creating collaborative change. Their work began as a school-based youth empowerment model in the US and, since then, they have matured into a global NGO supporting youth-led projects and connecting thousands of young social change leaders from over 150 countries. Through their digital platform — the world’s largest incubator for youth-led social change initiatives — Peace First offers young people ages 13-25 the skills and resources necessary to turn their ideas into action. They currently host over 19,000 young users on their digital platform and are supporting over 7,000 youth-led projects.

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