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FPSPI is a dynamic international program involving thousands of students annually from around the world. Developed in 1974 by creativity pioneer Dr. E. Paul Torrance, Future Problem Solving (FPS) provides competitive and non-competitive components for today’s curriculum via a six-step model which teaches critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and decision making. FPSPI aligns with virtually all state, national, and international teaching standards. These include, ESSA, Australian Curriculum, New Zealand Curriculum, 21st Century SkiIls (P21), PISA, International Baccalaureate Programme IB, and the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Programming Standards.

The IB program uses several distinct approaches to learning (ATL); these ATLs include thinking skills (creative, critical & transfer), social skills (collaboration), communication skills, self-management skills, and research skills. These skills support self-regulation and intrinsic motivation. These approaches are vital skills to develop in students to prepare them for working, both independently and collaboratively in the workspace—all of which are reinforced in Future Problem Solving. More than 250,000 Future Problem Solving students from more than 37 states and 14 countries have participated in the last decade!


The diverse components offered by Future Problem Solving address the need for problem solving within the curriculum in order for students to prepare effectively for the future in front of them. Students increase their global awareness and explore content related to business & economics, science & technology, and society & politics through the study of a series of current issues projected into the future. Student will focus on what is happening in the world today (research) and what might happen in the future (foresight). FPS can also be integrated into other curriculum areas, especially language arts and social studies. Participation in the program strongly supports the development of 21st Century Skills.

Today, FPSPI continues to address essential education priorities. The FPS program:

  • Comprehensively meets standards for curriculum and instruction
  • Stimulates critical and creative thinking skills
  • Encourages students to develop a vision for the future
  • Features curricular and co-curricular opportunities to engage students in problem solving
  • Allows students to participate in academic oriented competitions
  • Provides varied themes for students to develop research and investigative skills
  • Promotes written and verbal communication skills
  • Fosters collaboration and teamwork
  • Engages students with the real world


FPS offers two competitive components in Pakistan that you can participate in. They are:

  1. Global Issues Problem Solving
  2. Scenario Writing.

Eligible grades for FPS:

  1. Junior (grades 4-6)
  2. Middle (grades 7-9)
  3. Senior (grades 10-12)

Global Issues Problem Solving (GIPS)

Global Issues Problem Solving (GIPS) teaches students how to think creatively about the future as students research and analyse the annual topics. It can be used as a curriculum, integrated into content areas, or offered as an extra-curricular option. Participants research a series of global topics and apply FPSPI’s six-step problem solving process to resolve the Future Scene — a hypothetical scenario set 20-30 years in the future. Culminating in a detailed Action Plan, entries are authentically assessed and scored by trained evaluators.

Task Date Notes
GIPS – Practice Problem 1 booklet due Nov 24 2022 Highly recommended – try at least the first three steps
GIPS – Practice Problem 2 booklet due Dec 12 2022 Highly recommended – try all six steps
GIPS – Qualifying Problem booklet due Feb 13 2023 Required to earn invitation for Affiliate Problem
GIPS – Affiliate Problem booklet due Mar 20 2023 Required to earn invitation for International Conference
IC – Registration Deadline Feb 1 2023

*Dates listed are the final deadline – late work will not be accepted. Early work is welcome

Participation Fee

  • Mentor/Coach Registration Cost: $50
  • Team Registration Team (up to 4 students) = $125
  • Individual Registration = $100

The Scenario Writing (SW)

The Scenario Writing (SW) component strives to help students enlarge, enrich, and make more accurate their image of the future, while honing creative writing skills. It can be used as a stand-alone activity by an FPS coach, an English teacher, a parent, or any instructor with students who are interested in creative writing. Students develop short stories related to one of five annual FPS topics. Entries are 1500 words or less, set at least 20 years in the future, and is an imagined, but logical, outcome of actions or events taking place in the world. Student work is assessed based on the character, plot, and the feasibility of possible outcomes which directly reflect hydra trends in the researched topic.

Task Date Notes
Scenario Writing draft submitted Nov 21, 2022 Premium SW entries submit draft for feedback
Scenario Writing Final Submission due March 8, 2023 Final Scenarios evaluated, and applicable invitations
will accompany assessment.

*Dates listed are the final deadline – late work will not be accepted. Early work is welcome

 Participation Fee

  • Mentor/Coach Registration Cost: $50
  • Registrations: 15th February, 2023
  • Premium Registration Cost (with feedback): $60
  • Regular Registration Cost (without feedback): $40


The first step is to determine which component you are interested in – Global Issues Or Scenario Writing. Your FPS coach will register you and receive materials. Coaches can be a parent, another experienced FPSer/mentor, or a teacher. Materials are provided to enhance learning of the process and provide support and feedback. Virtual support is available through videos and instructional e-learning experiences. Everyone starts with practice topics and preliminary project deadlines to support learning through feedback/assessment. After the practice topics, competitive topics are offered for regional/state or national finals which can qualify you for the International Conference. At the International Conference you will get a chance to compete and collaborate with over 2,000 other problem solvers from all over the globe!

Coach Training Session that covered Steps 1-3

Registration form for Students: The students get registered by the coach

Registration form for Coach: https: https://www.fpspimart.org/product/annual-coach-fee/.

In order to complete your registration please make your respective payments using the following details.
Bank Name: Bank Alfalah
Account # 0047-1008020549
Account Title: Eye on Ivy

Please send us a photo/Screenshot of your receipt at fpspi@eyeonivy.com. You will then receive a confirmation email about your enrolment in the FPSPI.

To find out more Please visit: www.fpspi.org

For more information reach out to us at: fpspi@eyeonivy.com

Download brochure here  FPSPI Open Affiliate Overview 2022-23

For more information reach out to us at: fpspi@eyeonivy.com

NOTE : The courier would be attached to the provided address only once if due to some reason one is unable to collect it, you are requested to visit the office for the collection of your certificate/ medal.

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