September 1, 2020 eyeonivy

Internship at Rubitron Labs

Our student, Shahjahan Burki, currently enrolled in the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, recently completed his internship at Rubitron Labs. Rubitron Labs delivers a robust platform for upcoming technology and business leaders to engage into research, development and application of futuristic IoT solutions in close coordination with leading manufacturers. RTL provides a research lab along with fundamental research tools with international affiliations to conduct research and contribute to real IoT projects and startups in Pakistan. This technological platform aims to provide students with adequate training, mentorship as well as an independent learning programme for them to instill their education in practical assignments and projects.
According to Shahjahan Burki,”as a complete newbie, going to Rubitron Labs was the best decision I made. I was not treated like an intern and was immediately integrated by the team as one of their own. I learned a lot about website development. Working in Rubitron labs I was able to meet and work side by side with other developers who pushed me to challenge myself and excel.” Thank you Rubitron for providing such opportunities for our youth!
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