November 11, 2020 Ahmad Raza

It is perfectly acceptable to ask for application fee waivers!

Students applying to the US. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for application fee waivers!
Often international students might legitimately have difficulty paying for college but do not fall neatly into one of the categories outlined in the common or coalition application. If none of the listed situations apply to you but you do not have the funds to apply to college, do not stop there! Most fee waivers give the option for the student to provide a supporting statement on their own or from a school official (such as a counselor or principal), college access advisor, financial aid officer, or community leader explaining their financial hardship.
Students usually need to pursue this option if one of their parents or guardians recently lost a job and suffered reduced family income, a family member passed away, unexpected expenses arise, COVID-19 presented unexpected expenses for your family, or any number of other reasons that impacted your family’s financial situation. Asking for an application waiver will not have a bearing on the outcome of your application.
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