KGL Contest

KGL Contest is the fastest growing competition available globally.

About KGL Contest

KGL Contest is the fastest-growing competition available globally and we welcome you to be part of this fun experience and join the international community of KGL. The KGL Contest is organized by the International Testing Authority. It aims to prepare students for future language assessments as well as encourage English Language learning. KGL can be taken by students up to the age of 17 provided they are learning English as a foreign language. KGL motivates students through rewarding fun contests which are of the highest quality and standards. There are prizes for all winners at each level. The KGL International School Partner logo (Platinum, Gold, Silver) is awarded to schools according to entries and is valid for the period stated.

Eligible: Age 8-17

In order to participate in the KGL Contest 2022 contestants must meet the age* requirements below:

Age Requirements

Pre A1

Born After 01 January 2011 (Max 11)


Born After 01 January 2010 (Max 12)


Born After 01 January 2008 (Max 14)


Born After 01 January 2007 (Max 15)


Born After 01 January 2005 (Max 17)

* Proof of age will be required before prizes are awarded

Note:  All levels are linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

In order for a school to register candidates through the portal (under the school’s name), a minimum of 10 entries (in total – irrespective of level) is required at Stage 1.

Format of the Contest

Stage 1 consists of a multiple-choice test and reading passages followed by multiple choice questions.  All questions have three or four answer options (A, B, C or D). Participants fill in their answers on the answer sheet.

Stage 2 is also a multiple-choice test and reading passages followed by multiple choice questions.  All questions have three or four answer options (A, B, C or D). There will also be a listening and writing component to the test. All participants in Stage 2 are asked to complete one writing task. The writing task is only used to identify the best performing contestants in cases of equal scoring and high performance by contestants. All other writing tasks are not assessed and no result is reported. You have 1 hr 20 minutes to complete the test (Pre_A1 60 minutes).

The national winner at each level is invited to participate in the Global Winner event which is held in the host country.  Travel and accommodation costs for each winner and for their teacher or school representative is covered by the contest. * 2nd and 3rd place contestants also receive prizes.

The Global Round takes place in a different country each year. The 2020-2021 KGL Global Round took place in Greece!

*A minimum of 500 entries are required in the level being participated in for student’s hotel and travel costs to be covered.

Global Round   

The Global Winner event is where the finalists from different countries share three days of events (excursions, cultural events etc.). In the event that one school has more than one finalist only one school representative may accompany the finalist to the Global Event. Accommodation for the Global Event is based on twin shared accommodation and includes breakfast and dinner. During the event all finalists take a test including a written task.  The finalist with the highest overall score is the KGL Global Winner for that year.  The Global winner receives a scholarship to be used for educations purposes. Prizes are awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place contestants at each level based on overall performance in the Global Event test.

Allocation of Prizes – Global Event 2022


LEVEL Prize in $ (US) Awards


A1 $500



A1 $250



A1 $150



A2 $500



A2 $250



A2 $150



B1 $500



B1 $250



B1 $150



B2 $500



B2 $250




The Overall Global winner with the highest overall score (irrespective of level) will receive an additional $1,000

KGL Contest Dates 2022

Deadline to sign up: 12th February, 2022

Stage 1:                              19 February 2022

Stage 2:                              19 March 2022

Stage 1 Results                 04 March 2022

Stage 2 Results                 08 April 2022

Global Event                     Last week of September 2022

* Stage 1 and 2 tests will take place online. The Global Event will take place in Greece.

There is no fee for Stage 2 and successful contestants are registered free of charge.

Registration Cost: PKR 2,800 (Submission details below)

How to Participate as a School

Schools can sign up with the KGL Country Partner (For Pakistan – Eye on Ivy) here: (School will need to appoint a supervisor who will be responsible for registering the school venue information, candidate information and organize invigilators).

After signing up, schools will receive KGL school portal details through KGL.

Eye on Ivy will also send a confirmation email, including coordination details.

School Supervisor can now register their candidates on the KGL School Portal.

To complete registration, school will need to provide information about their venue, supervisor, candidates, and invigilator; including fee submission to Eye on Ivy before 10th February, 2022.

Schools can opt for either an online or paper-based exam. They will be able to see the online version of the exam after signing up.

School Supervisor will be intimated on venue protocol and other important information by Eye on Ivy.

How to Participate as an Individual

Register Here

Receive payment details via email.

Send us a photo of your paid receipt

Candidates will receive confirmation of registration.

Candidates will receive their candidate number, statement of entry, venue schedule one week prior to the exam from us.

Individuals can opt for an online or paper-based exam (option available in Lahore only).

Deadline to submit fee: 11th February 2021

Sample Papers:

KGL Sample Format Paper Pre A1

KGL Sample Format Paper A1

KGL Sample Format Paper A2

KGL Sample Format Paper B1

KGL Sample Format Paper B2

Sample Format Paper Answer Key Pre A1, A1, A2, B1, B2,

Below you can find the link to the KGL Online Practice Tests:

Recommended Browser:  Chrome

The platform is built to operate on desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

For more information visit KGL or KGL FAQs.

Feel free to reach out to us at:| +92 42 35958444 | +92 318-7272100 | +92 321-8820856

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