Due to the new situation created by the outbreak of COVID-19, Owlypia had to adapt to the changes made all over the world. Therefore, always thinking about our Owlys and Owlets who always seek knowledge, we have created a new virtual format of our Global competition.

Owlypia Global Virtual is a competition that brings students all around the world together, to challenge themselves and compete amongst similar age groups in a 3-day event. Since the competitions will be held on several digital platforms, the participants have a chance to use some of the most used platforms in the world such as: Zoom meetings, Google sheets, Ims, and Kahoot. This competition undoubtedly will make you grow not only academically but also as an individual.

The most fun part is choosing your team of three. Owlypia Global Virtual gives you the opportunity to form a team with your friends from ANYWHERE in the world. After you choose your team all you have to do is study the recommended resources, and discuss them with your friends, teachers, or your parents. One of the great benefits when studying for Owlypia challenges is that it encourages self-access and independent learning.
Together with your team, you will take the five challenges which are based on the resources you studied:

• Knowledge Challenge
• Pen Down Challenge
• Speech-Craft Challenge
• Impromptu Challenge
• Team Spirit Challenge

The process of being part of a such competition like Owlypia Global Virtual, not only is attractive and interesting for student’s but also encourages active learning and helps participants develop various skills. Therefore, we are more than happy to introduce and host this new format of competing and gaining knowledge with your friends. The event itself is dynamic, welcoming, and committed to developing the skills of all its students, and making the Owlypia experience enjoyable, rewarding, and successful.

Please note the following registration deadlines:

Global Virtual 8-10 May
Early Owl: On or before 17 March 2021
Standard Owl: After 17 March 2021
Registration Deadline: 30 April 2021

Global Virtual 24-26 June
Early Owl: On or before 24 April 2021
Standard Owl: After 24 April 2021
Registration Deadline: 16 May 2021

Global Virtual 14-16 August
Early Owl: On or before 14 June 2021
Standard Owl: After 14 June 2021
Registration Deadline: 30 July 2021

The registration cost for Early Owl is PKR 36000 and Standard Owl is PKR 43000. 

In order to complete your registration, please submit the registration fee using the following detail:

Bank Name: Bank Alfalah
Branch: Khayaban-e-Iqbal DHA Lahore
Account # 03641006798082
Account Title: Eye on Ivy

Please send us a photo of your receipt at owlypia@eyeonivy.com with your name & phone number. You will receive a confirmation email from within 24hrs. Please feel free to reach out to us at +92 318 7272 100 or +92 42 3595 8444 in case of any confusion. 

Besides various skills, knowledge and unforgettable memories, what you could also gain from Owlypia is:

• Certificates of Participation
• Certificates of Achievement with Gold, Silver and Bronze digital medals
• Certificates of Excellence for the Top 3 Teams & Individuals in Owlins, Owlets and Owlys
• Certificate for the Participants of Hoo’s Got Talent Challenge

Register here. 


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