About Owlypia - The Intellectuals' Challenge

Owlypia is an exciting international competition for students. Owlypia aims to inspire intellectual curiosity in every young mind and has a central theme each year. Owlypia was founded in 2017 by Perceptum Education, a certified Social Enterprise based in London, UK.

Owlypia aims to provide young individuals a platform to grow, develop, and express themselves fully. It fosters an environment where curious minds can expand their knowledge and share ideas effectively.

Owlypia has five subjects; Social Sciences, Art & Design, Literature & Culture, Science & Technology and Economics & Business. Young intellectuals are expected to select their favorite subject and focus on it. The study resources contain several films and videos, alongside a range of books and articles. Some thought-provoking questions provided with each subject should be used to guide one’s research. By studying the content of their favorite subject area, each young intellectual will best be able to prepare themselves for the online competition. Please visit the website for details related to the content of each subject category.



If you enjoy thinking, writing and talking in a social and academically stimulating environment then this is the challenge for you!

Age Criteria Rounds Merits & Awards Cost & Payment Dates To Remember Results

If you were born;

Before 02.09.2013 and after 01.09.2010, you are an OWLIN.

Before 02.09.2010 and after 01.09.2007, you are an OWLET.

Before 02.09.2007 and after 01.09.2003, you are an OWLY.

The competition has two rounds:

  1. Owlypia Online
  2. Owlypia Globals

1- Owlypia Online : Owlypia Online is an online knowledge competition in the form of a multiple-choice exam. Young individuals aged 9-18 compete with peers internationally, showing their knowledge and skills in their favorite subject areas. Owlypia Online is the first step of an exciting journey aiming to inspire intellectual curiosity in young minds around the world. By studying the resources for each subject carefully, students prepare themselves for the competition. They can qualify for Globals held in Cambridge and Boston.

For more information & guidelines: https://www.owlypia.org/owlypia-online/


2- Owlypia Globals (Onsite)

At Owlypia Globals, students come together at prestigious institutions to participate in a series of team and individual challenges revolving around a central theme.

Owlypia Globals are held onsite in Cambridge-UK and Boston-USA.

The most fun part is choosing your team of three. Owlypia Global Virtual gives you the opportunity to form a team with your friends from ANYWHERE in the world. After you choose your team all you have to do is study the recommended resources, and discuss them with your friends, teachers, or your parents. One of the great benefits when studying for Owlypia challenges is that it encourages self-access and independent learning.

Together with your team, you will take the five challenges which are based on the resources you studied:

  • Knowledge Challenge
  • Pen Down Challenge
  • Speech-Craft Challenge
  • Impromptu Challenge
  • Team Spirit Challenge

Note: The main prerequisite for applying to Owlypia Global is to receive a medal from either an Online Round or a Local Round.

Registration link for Cambridge: https://www.owlypia.org/owlypia-globals/

Registration link for Boston: https://www.owlypia.org/global-boston/

For more information: https://www.owlypia.org/what-is-owlypia/

Each participant receives a Certificate of Achievement and a Report Card showing his/her individual scores. 

Gold, silver and bronze digital medals are given based on the following percentages:

  • 15%: Gold Medal
  • 16-35%: Silver Medal
  • 36-60%: Bronze Medal

TOP 15 students in each subject category win extra prizes

For more info on prizes read under Owlypia Online Prizes on  https://www.owlypia.org/owlypia-online/

Only students who register through Eye on Ivy are eligible to receive their medals & certificates in hard form (according to the Contest results).

Please make sure you provide us with the correct postal address at the time of registration. The courier would be dispatched to the provided address only ONCE. If for some reason you are unable to receive it you are requested to collect the same by visiting our office.

Competition Cost:

Owlypia Online: £15 GB

Owlypia Global: Standard Price: £600 GB

In order to confirm your registration, please send in your payments at:

Account Title: Eye on Ivy

Bank Name: Bank Alfalah

Account #: 0047-1008020549

Please email us your transaction receipts or screenshots for electronic at owlypia@eyeonivy.com. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Disclaimer- Any errors or omissions in the form will be the responsibility of the registrant. In case of failure to send us a photo of your paid receipt at the given address and time, we will not be responsible for registering you.

Payment is non-refundable if you are unable to participate in the competition after registration.

Tentative Dates

Online Rounds:

  • 18 November 2023
  • 03 February 2024
  • 27 April 2024
  • 01 June 2024
  • Global Cambridge :19th -22nd June 2024
  • Global Boston, USA; 20th -23rd July 2024
  • Global Abu Dhabi: 7th-10th Oct 2024

Results: Participants will be able to see their full results on the evening of each contest’s end.

For the year 2021 : Click Here

For the year 2022 : Click Here


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