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Professional Fellowship 2021 in Uzbekistan

Professional Fellowship 2021 in Uzbekistan

A special announcement for all the youngsters in Pakistan & Uzbekistan! MAPS Young Professional Fellowship 2021 in Pakistan and Uzbekistan are welcoming young competitive and energetic participants from all over Pakistan. The good thing about this young professional program is that you do not need IELTS/TOEFL for its application.

After attending an international youth fellowship, candidates will be able to empower themselves, team-building skills, and entrepreneurial skills according to different conditions of global problems and contribute to the sustainable developmental goals.

Host Country: Uzbekistan

Host Organization: MAPS (Youth Lead Organizations)

MAPS Youth Fellowship Duration: The MAPS international fellowship 2021 will take place from 25th-31st January 2021.

MAPS Fellowship Topics:

  1. Social Capacity and Prosperity
  2. PROSACIAL behavior as sources of well-being
  3. Self Development and Role of Society
  4. Self Awareness, Overcome Weaknesses, Spiritual Balance and Multi-tasking
  5. Cross-Culture of Uzbekistan and Pakistan
  6. Pak- Uzbek Legacy
  7. Islamic Civilisation
  8. Religious Harmony
  9. Scientists
  10. Mutual Conquerors / Heros
  11. Economic Growth & Sustainability
  12. Entrepreneurship and Opportunities
  13. Micro and Macro Business Model
  14. Pak- Uzbek Trade
  15. Agriculture, Science and Technology Tourism
  16. SDG-4 Quality Education
  17. Affordable Standard Education
  18. Prudent and Rational Approach to life
  19. Develop strategies and methodologies and plan of actions to literate communities in both privileged and underprivileged areas
  20. SDG- 13 Climate Action
  21. Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS) for Climate Change
  22. STEM and STEAM Education System

Number of Candidates: MAPS will select 15 candidates for this amazing fully-funded young professionals fellowship in Uzbekistan.

Eligibility Criteria of MAPS Young Professional Fellowship 2021:

  • A candidate must be from Pakistan or Uzbekistan.
  • A candidate should be between 16 to 35 years.
  • Must be engaged in social/educational activities at any level.
  • Students with no social experience can also apply but they should express their interest in the application.
  • A candidate must fill out an application with all authentic information
  • If a candidate doesn’t have a passport, he/she must apply for it.
  • No TOEFL/IELTS is required for  II-YPF’21.

Benefits of the Young Professional Fellowship 2021 – II-YPF’21:

  • Cultural Evening Ceremony
  • Return Air-Ticket
  • Free Accommodation for the Program
  • Certificate.
  • Meals.
  • Fellowship Kit.
  • Site Seeing.
  • Cultural Evening Ceremony.
  • Celebration Party.

The application deadline for the MAP Young Professionals Program is 2nd January 2021. Candidates are supposed to pay the application fees. The application fee is 16$/2500 PKR.

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