The Quill and Scroll Editorial Writing Contest 2022 Results are out!

Eight students will be awarded Quill and Scroll Gold Keys for their submissions in the first Editorial Writing Contest for Pakistani students, co-sponsored by Eye on Ivy and Quill and Scroll. The winning articles proficiently described the social media affects current events in Pakistan, as well as the need to protect themselves against misinformation.

The contest was judged by Chris Snider and Mitch Zieglar. Chris Snider is an Associate Professor at Drake University, Des Moines IA. Chris teaches classes in web design, social media strategy, multimedia and digital strategy. Mitch Zieglar is a former National Yearbook Teacher of the Year. He recently retired from advising newspaper and yearbook for 31 years at Redondo Union High School, CA.

Here are the winners, along with a link to the first-place editorials and a short comment from the contest’s judges.

Class A (Grades 9-10)

“This essay starts with a detailed incident that well illustrates the issues pertaining to the prompt. The writer quickly hits all the points in pointed and concise writing. The style is journalistic, and the writer makes their points succinctly. “

Read the winning entry here:–E6l2wCKboZf2znBOPP7AvdTzDwUCx1/view?usp=share_link

  • Second Place: Aleena Fatima – Learning Alliance DHA

“Although this was the briefest of the entries, the writer makes their points clearly. Written in a journalistic style, it is easy to follow the writer’s thoughts. “

Read her submission here:

  • Third Place: Dua Azhar – TNS Beaconhouse DHA

“Very well written. The writer does a nice job of elaborating on their points in engaging prose. “

Read her entry here:

  • Honorable Mention: Shanzay Sajid – Future World School Wahid Campus Islamabad

Class B (Grades 11-13)

“This was a very well-written and researched, journalistic paper. It started with an anecdote and was supported throughhout with facts and interviews. It did a good job of explaining the positives and negatives of social media. The thing that put this one over the top was the use of original reporting by the author.”

Read the winning entry here:

  • Second Place: Umaimah KhanSupernova, Islamabad

“Paper was very well organized, provided great information, and the writing was strong. The two anecdotes in the beginning about the use of social media in the flood and the use in politics showed the positive side of social. Then the paper went into potential negatives. This made the paper very balanced. The paper also went on to offer great solutions for this problem. “

Read her submission here:

  • Third Place: Syeda Imaan ShirazHeadstart School Islamabad

“This paper did a great defining the state of social media for young people, as well as what they have gone through in the past few years. I think where this one really excelled was in defining all of the people who have a stake in helping to solve any problems related to youth and social media. “

Read her submission here:

  • Honorable Mention: Bilal Ahmad SafiRoots Millennium Schools Khyber Campus

The winners are now eligible to apply for Quill and Scroll scholarships that would allow them to study journalism or take part in student media at a U.S. college or university.

Last year, Eye on Ivy earned the first non-school Quill and Scroll charter and inducted its first members into the International Honor Society for High School Journalists.



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