Announcing the Results for Caribou Cup 2021!

And the Final Caribou Cup Results are out!

The Canadian Caribou Mathematics Competition is a worldwide online contest that is held six times throughout the school year. Each of these days, six contests are offered. The Caribou Cup is the series of all Caribou Contests in one school year.

Each student’s ranking in the Caribou Cup is determined by their performance in their best 5 of 6 contests through the school year.

The top performers in Pakistan are presented below. Students from Harvard Grammar School, Aitchison College, Lahore Grammar School, Nixor O Levels School, and TNS Lahore are amongst the top percentile nationally.

Special shout-out to Zain Haroon Khokhar (Grade 5/6 Category) from Aitchison College for securing a place in the top 1 percent globally! Congratulations to all the students, parents and educators!


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