Results: KGL Contest 2021 (B2)

The National Results of the KGL Contest are out!

KGL is an international English language competition, offered in more than 70 countries with over 6 million participants. It is the largest English language contest worldwide. This was the first year that students from Pakistan competed.

The top 10 percent of students across each level receive medals and certificates.

There has been excellent performance from students from the Preparatory School Islamabad, Aitchison College Lahore, Headstart School, Lahore Grammar School, Roots Millennium School, Lahore Preschool – Learning Alliance, Beaconhouse School System, Nixor College, Cornerstone School, Superior Montessori School and Karachi Grammar School.
The top 10 percent of students across each level receive medals and certificates.

Congratulations to not only the students, but educators and parents involved! All of these students are in the top 10 percent of the country.Please note that the overall first place winner gets to attend the KGL Globals and compete with the first place winner of all other countries.

This year KGL was planning to hold Globals between the 28-30th, May in Greece. However, due to the ongoing pandemic and quarantine requirements, KGL is considering postponing Globals to September. This is an evolving situation and we will keep the first place winners informed about developments, including the possibility of a Virtual Globals.

Feel free to contact us at +92 318 7272100 or +92 52 35958444 for any further details. You can also email us at

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