Results: OWLYPIA Online Round April 2022

It is not an exaggeration to say that Pakistan has simply ROCKED the UK-Based Owlypia – The Intellectuals’ Challenge!

Owlypia is an exciting international competition for students aged 9-11 (Owlins), aged 12-14 (Owlets) and 15-18 (Owlys). Owlypia has five subjects, which are Social Sciences, Art & Design, Literature & Culture, Science & Technology and Economics & Business.
With 92 countries participating, the following Pakistani students stood FIRST in the world in their respective categories:
Sajida Tariq from Beaconhouse School System in Science and Technology (Owlin); Yumna Noor from Headstart School in Literature and Culture (Owlet); Alishba Waheed from Lahore Grammar School in Science and Technology (Owlet); Mehraal Syed from LGS International in Social Sciences (Owlet) and Diya Aneel Bhatia from Pakturk Maarif International School and Colleges in Literature and Culture (Owlyn).
Pakistani students also bagged several gold, silver and bronze medals. Performance of students from the Beaconhouse School System, SICAS, Convent of Jesus and Mary High School, LGS International, Headstart School, Aitchison College, Karachi Grammar School, Lahore Grammar School, TNS Beaconhouse and Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools and Colleges was especially noteworthy.
A hearty congratulations to the students, parents and educators!
Complete global results can be viewed here:
Below is the global ranking of Pakistani students in the different subject and age categories who won gold, silver or bronze medals.
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