Pakistani students took part in the South East Asian Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO) 2021. 1279 students took part in SEAMO X, the international round of SEAMO, from all over the world. 

The bronze medal was received by Mikael Ahsan (Grade 7, Aitchison College). Merit medals were received by Ayyan Guftar (Grade 2, The International School of Choueifat, Lahore), Amaan Aidrus (Grade 4, Karachi Grammar School), Oneeb Zeeshan (Grade 5, Aitchison College), Rayyan Shoaib Vana (Grade 6, Cedar School), Muhammad Moiz Alam (Grade 7, The International School of Choueifat, Lahore), Aditya Kumar (Grade 8, Cedar School), Abdullah bin Arslan (Grade 8, Cedar School) and Hamnah Iftkhar (Grade 8, Cedar School), Ahmed Raza (Grade 10, Cedar School), Saad Muhammad Aziz (Grade 10, Aitchison College), Abid Ali Qureshi (Grade 10, Cedar School), Naqi Abbas Khimji (Grade 10, Cedar School), Aafaq Raza (Grade 11, Beaconhouse School System, Kharian), Ali Annan Aziz (Grade 12, Aitchison College) and Hassan Mushtaq (Grade 12, Beaconhouse School System, Gulberg). A credit medal was received by Yitain Zheng (Grade 10, The International School of Choueifat, Lahore).

Full SEAMO live ceremony can be seen here.


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