September 12, 2020 Ahmad Raza

SEAMO Olympiad characteristics.

SEAMO Olympiad characteristics aims at bringing the most creative and youngest minds at the highest level. Experts at TCIMO minutely research each question so that all categories of students can be assessed, not just the academically excellent students. As it is a single-stage exam, there is no rejection process hence. Students can participate and compete without the fear of failure. Students will be able to get to know their preparation and level of understanding of a broader competitive landscape. Most importantly, SEAMO encourages students by providing national and international ranks.
The exam provides a third party perspective of each student by benchmarking their ability & skills. It presents a common platform that assesses students’ problem-solving ability by compelling them to think deeply. SEAMO encourages students to develop logical & analytical thinking abilities.
In SEAMO, a student will get around 5 minutes to solve a question (a total of 25 questions in 120 minutes). It is not a test of knowledge or speed; SEAMO assesses a child’s higher-order thinking ability and tests whether students can apply a learned concept while solving a problem. A personalized report card will help a student to work on their weaknesses and improve upon them. Based on the experience in SEAMO, a student will be able to develop a learning style for effective understanding, which will eventually help perform better in academic and competitive exams.
For the first time, Pakistani students can participate. Interested students can directly register at National Round is October 4th, 2020!
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