An international competition now also available for Pakistani students!

Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad

SEAMO is the brainchild of Terry Chew, the author of books like ‘Wicked Mathematics’ and ‘Unleash the Maths Olympian in You.’ The exam is based on extensive research by the team in the Terry Chew Institute of Mathematical Olympiads and on the developed framework by examining multiple olympiads. The framework is known as the RA*CE framework and is used in the Terry Chew academy. The academy has produced several students who have excelled in multiple international olympiads like Kangaroo, SASMO, NMOS, RIPMWC, SMOPS, Mathlympics, SMO, AMC8, AMC10, and many more.

SEAMO is an international Math Olympiad competition that is currently held in over 18 countries with over 20,000 participants. Since 2015, it has helped students gain global recognition in the field of mathematics and widened the network of Southeast Asian Math Olympians to encourage sharing of mathematical knowledge among countries within the region. In the process, it provides encouragement to students as they build their passion for mathematics. With papers suitable for all levels, it stretches the capabilities of young Olympians 1 step at a time, which motivates them to move progressively towards their full potential.

Very Important:
Download your Invoice and submit your exam fee before Deadline (31st  August, 2022). Without submitting your fee, you would not be allowed to enter the exam on exam day. Fee submission procedure is described in the invoice. After submitting your fee; email us at In the subject of your email, put your registration number and attach your fee submission receipt for evidence. Eye On Ivy will not be responsible for your exclusion after registration for exam if you do not submit your fee within last date or not emailing us as instructed above. Furthermore, the payment is non-refundable.

Click here to download registration manual for applicants!

Students who participated have trained their critical thinking skills and developed higher mathematical capabilities through exclusive insights to their own detailed performance charts from the competition (by using a proprietary analytical algorithm researched and formulated by Mr. Terry Chew) On top of that, winners of SEAMO 2021 have the opportunity to represent their country in SEAMO X 2022, the global round, where they stand a chance to be shortlisted for scholarships with renowned MNCs.

Important Dates
SEAMO Registration: 1st July  –  31st Aug, 2022

SEAMO Online Competition: 17th Sept , 2022

SEAMO Results: 29th  Oct , 2022

Registration Deadline
To enroll in SEAMO, register at the SEAMO website ( between 1st July to 31st Aug, 2022.

The registration fee per student is PKR 4,500.

For more info and registration:


SEAMO X is the international round where SEAMO candidates represent their country on the global stage.


  • Candidates who have participated in SEAMO will be eligible to join SEAMO X.
  • The Top 40% of Candidates in SEAMO will be registered in the Champions Division of SEAMO X.
  • The Next 60% of Candidates in SEAMO will be registered in the Open Division of SEAMO X.

SEAMO X 2023 Tickets

SEAMO X Registrations Deadline: 31st Jan 2023 5:00 Pm.

Competition Date: 11th Feb 2023, 9:00 Am.

Suitable for Candidates Only.

  • Entry to SEAMO X 2023 Online Examination
    • Global Ranking
    • Medal & Certificate
    • Performance Analysis Report
  • SEAMO X 2023 Home Delivery Pack
    • Official T-Shirt
    • Virtual Event Celebration Welcome Gift
  • Virtual Awards Ceremony
    • Candidate Name and Photo Awards Display
    • Free Online Viewing for the Whole Family

How To Register?

Candidates: LOGIN to the SEAMO portal and go to your profile.

Parents: LOGIN to the SEAMO portal and go to ‘Manage Children’.

Teachers: LOGIN to the SEAMO portal and go to ‘Manage Students’.

Got a Question?

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All pertinent questions will be added to this FAQ page. We appreciate your contribution!

SEAMO X 2023 Awards Ceremony

  • Event Details

Saturday, 25 Feb 2023, 5:00 PM SGT

YouTube LIVE (link provided in Feb 2023 to candidates via email)

  • Programme

The SEAMO X 2023 Virtual Award Ceremony recognizes the achievements of candidates in the global SEAMO Community and celebrates our core values of boldness, integrity, passion and perseverance. The virtual event will include the following:

  • Address by Guests of Honour
  • Announcement of Winners

T-Shirt Sizes

XS 30 38 50 120-130
S 32 40 52 130-140
M 40 45 61 150-155
L 44 49 65 165-170
XL 45 51 67 170-175

Exam Administration

  • Registration Package

Each registered SEAMO candidate will be entitled to:

  • SEAMO Portal Login
  • Examination Entry
  • Unlimited Practice Portal (Online)
  • Past 1-Year Questions and Solutions (PDF)
  • YouTube Training Videos (Available in December)

Parents and Teachers may create an account in the SEAMO Portal to monitor Candidates’ progress and perform administrative functions.

  • Ranking and Results

Candidates will be ranked by Grade Level (not paper category) against all international candidates.

Results displayed:

  • Award
  • Global Rank
  • Global Percentile

In statistics, percentile indicates a candidate’s performance with respect to the performance of other candidates. The highest score correlates to the 100.00th percentile while the average score correlates to the 50.00th percentile.

  • Mark Allocation

SEAMO X features Free-Response (Open-Ended) Problems only.

No marks will be deducted for wrong answers.

No workings are required to be shown.

No multiple-choice questions.

Paper A

Section A (Questions 1 to 10) — Four (4) marks are awarded for each correct answer.

Section B (Questions 11 to 20) — Six (6) marks are awarded for each correct answer.

Total: 100 marks

Paper B, C, D, E and F

Section A (Questions 1 to 10) — Six (6) marks are awarded for each correct answer.

Section B (Questions 11 to 15) — Eight (8) marks are awarded for each correct answer.

Total: 100 marks

  • Awards

    Champions Division

    Winners of SEAMO X Gold Award for three (3) consecutive years. Each Legendary award is awarded based on every three (3) new consecutive competition.

    Trophy & Certificate

    Top 8%

    Medal & Certificate

    Next 12%

    Medal & Certificate

    Next 20%

    Medal & Certificate

    Next 60%

    Medal & Certificate

    Open Division

    The Credit Medal and Certificate will be presented to each candidate in this group.

  • Online Examination Procedure
    • Candidates login to the SEAMO Portal
    • Candidates may attempt a mock exam in their own time
    • Candidates start the exam at the set time
    • Candidates submit their answers instantly

Candidates will be allowed an unlimited number of attempts of the SEAMO mock exam to familiarize themselves with the examination platform.

  • Online Examination Security

Academic Misconduct

This policy sets out the process and procedures for identifying, investigating and responding to incidents of Academic Misconduct by candidates who have enrolled in the SEAMO Online Examination.

Identification Verification

Each Candidate is required to use a device with a working camera. The webcam will capture video recordings periodically throughout the exam. SEAMO will review these recordings to determine whether or not a candidate has adhered to the Exam rules and regulations.

Built-In Safeguards

The examination platform is equipped with the following functionalities:

Time Zone detection via geolocation

Countdown Timer from start to end

Exit Full screen triggers auto-submit

AutoSaved upon loss of internet connection

Data Forensics

A variety of data points will be captured before, during and after the exam and analysed. Exam responses or patterns of behaviour that are identified as statistical anomalies may place the candidate’s results under review.

Randomization of Question Sequence

The order in which questions are presented to each candidate within the exam will be randomised.

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