November 30, 2020 Ahmad Raza

Startup Early has come on board as one of our partners

We are delighted to announce that Startup Early has come on board as one of our partners. We share a common purpose: helping students achieve their aspirations. Startup Early was born when a realization occurred regarding the dearth of entrepreneurship opportunities for young people especially during their elementary and high school years. Startup Early is on a mission to fulfill longstanding pledges to foster entrepreneurship through various services. Their Virtual Entrepreneurship Program for teenagers is one of the first of those initiatives. In 2019-2020, leading schools like Aitchison, Choueifat, Lacas and City school have hosted their workshops on campus. They have developed and launched online courses e.g. Entrepreneurship and Crowd Funding Workshops that develop a student’s practical and soft skills. Through this program and future initiatives they want to instill an entrepreneurial spirit within the future generation of young Pakistanis. They see entrepreneurship as a key vehicle for change, and an opportunity for students to live a life filled with passion and on their own terms as well as solving issues in their communities.

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