November 30, 2020 Ahmad Raza

Startup Early’s 4-month Entrepreneurship Workshop

Startup Early’s 4-month Entrepreneurship Workshop
Entrepreneurship is about finding your passions and talents and putting them to work in a marketplace that is changing. It’s also about challenge, persistence and generating market impact by creating new execution strategies for doing old things in new ways. It is for the self-motivated, independent, persistent individuals, who can learn and bounces back from adversity. The prime motive is for you to be able to look creatively at business opportunities & to create value.
Course Description
This course provides an overview & insights into the entrepreneurial mindset. We will learn about different ways to think of ideas & then work on one idea & build it on the Business Model Canvas. The class will culminate with students presenting their business concepts which they have developed during our course.
• Tentative dates: 7th December ’20 – 31st March ’21 (16 weeks)
• Day & Time: To be decided
• Duration: 1 hour
• No of classes: 16 classes (1/week)
• Communication tools: Zoom, email and WhatsApp
• Cost per student is PKR 5,000/month. Total PKR 20,000 (4-month workshop)
• 50% amount to be transferred by 1st December ’20
• Remaining 50% by 31st January ’21
Bank Details
Bank: Askari Bank Ltd
Name: 101 Ventures
Account #: 07080200012072
DEADLINE: Monday 2nd December ’20

*Your slot will be confirmed once the registration link has been filled & amount transferred.
For Queries: Email – or Phone – 0301-8418848

Note: Certificate of participation will be given to only those students who have submitted
all deliverables and cleared all dues.
For registration:


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