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STEM Careers Program

STEM Careers Program, a joint venture of Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences (PIEAS) to inspire the potential youth of the nation to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Besides, STEM teams also represent Pakistan in International Science Olympiads (ISOs) in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics organized across the world, exhibiting the natural talent of the country in these competitions through NSTC. National Science Talent Contest is an extension of the National Physics Talent Contest (NPTC) launched in 1995. The first ever International participation of Pakistan Team was in the 32nd International Physics Olympiads that was held in Anatalya, Turkey in 2001. The performance of the Pakistani Students was quite encouraging in that Olympiad as one of its team member won an honorable mention and also got the best performance award for the first time participating country.  Later in 2003, the subsequent encouraging performance of Pakistan teams led us to extend this Programme to Biology, Mathematics, and Chemistry with the generous support of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and since then, Pakistani Teams are regularly participating in these annual International Science Olympiads across the world and won altogether 109 medals including Silver(04), Bronze(57), Honorable Mention (45), Merit Certificate (01) & Special Awards (02).
It has two fold Mission
•    To inspire youth of the Nation to opt for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and preparing them for participation in the annual International Olympiad in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.
•    To encourage engineering students to come up with innovative solutions to problems of national interest preferably related to local industry and R & D.
National Science Talent Contest (NSTC) strives to address the first part of the mission, and National Engineering Competition (NEC) address the second part of the mission.
•    The National Science Talent Contest (NSTC) is a regular annual event since 2003. It is an extension of the National Physics Talent Contest (NPTC), which was initiated by PlEAS in 1995. It strives to vitalize science education at the intermediate level, a crucial stage for professional career choices.
•    NSTC, and earlier NPTC, won national and international recognition for the country by winning silver and bronze medals and honorable mentions. The participants of this Contest are selected and groomed through a rigorous process.
It has following Contests:
•    National Physics Talent Contest
•    National Chemistry Talent Contest
•    National Mathematics Talent Contest
•    National Biology Talent Contest
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