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TeenEagle is an international English language skills competition for students 8 to 18 years old. It aims to foster collaboration, value diversity and creativity, and provide a concrete goal towards learning and using English.

 In addition, the TeenEagle Competition is accredited and certified by Brooke House College. Winning doesn’t just mean getting discounts to some of the best universities in the United Kingdom as a prize–it also means that you know how to apply invaluable skills to real-world scenarios on an international scale, which is a great addition to your CV.

One of the most popular reasons participants compete in these competitions are the extracurriculars. The Global Finals Round takes place in some of the world’s most unique and multicultural cities, with seven days packed full with competitions, trips to local attractions, and raving afterparties.

Whether it’s the culture, the learning experience, or the future opportunities you find interesting, TeenEagle is waiting for you.

Age Criteria Rounds Merits & Awards Cost & Payment Dates To Remember Results

The competition has three categories based on age and resources which are different for each competitive category.

Students born in 2012 – 2014 referred to as the Teeneagle 1

Students born in 2009 – 2011 referred to as the Teeneagle 2

Students born in 2005 – 2008 referred to as the Teeneagle 3

Each category consists of two resources, one book and one movie. All questions will come directly from one of these resources. Participants will be asked to recall key terms, understand key theories, or analyze short passages of texts from these resources. https://teeneagle.org/resources

Find more information on resources on the resource page. Please see the link here for sample questions.

The Competition has two rounds:

  1. Online Round
  2. Global Round

Online Round:

The Online Round is the first stage of the TeenEagle language competition. Through the Online Rounds, Teeneagle aims to provide an accessible global network to share ideas, promote diversity, and inspire young minds to unlock their potential. The TeenEagle Online Rounds last for 60 minutes, during which participants will be asked to complete 60 questions, ranging from multiple choice, true/false, to matching. The online exam is held at the students’ school under supervision. Students may take the online exam on their own electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc.

Global Round:

The TeenEagle Global Finals are for students who have qualified through TeenEagle Online. This round is held on location. Students can look forward to eight days of language learning classes, local cuisine, planned activities, and inspiring excursions that are sure to make for incredible memories. The week-long competition is packed with competitive events, trips to important attractions, and evening parties for all participants to mingle and network.

For more details on the global round visit https://teeneagle.org/global-finals

All participants will receive a participation certificate and a report card. However, there are special awards based on results: All participants receive a participation certificate and a report card, as well as  awards for high achievers:

40 to 59.9% receives an Honorable Mention Certificate;

60 to 74.9% receives a Bronze Certificate;

75 to 89.9% receives a Silver Certificate;

90 to 100% receives a Gold Certificate;

The top achievers per category will receive discounts for the TeenEagle Global Finals trip and competition.

Eye on Ivy Medals & Certificates:

Only students who register through Eye on Ivy are eligible to receive their medals & certificates in hard form (according to the Contest results).

Please make sure you provide us with the correct postal address at the time of registration. The courier would be dispatched to the provided address only ONCE. If for some reason you are unable to receive it you are requested to collect the same by visiting our office.

Competition Cost: £20

In order to confirm your registration, please send in your payments at:

Account Title: Eye on Ivy
Bank Name: Bank Alfalah
Account #: 0047-1008020549

Please email us your transaction receipts or screenshots for electronic transfers atteeneagle@eyeonivy.com. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Disclaimer- Any errors or omissions in the form will be the responsibility of the registrant. In case of failure to send us a photo of your paid receipt at the given address and time, we will not be responsible for registering you.

Payment is nonrefundable if you are unable to participate in the competition after registration.

Registration Deadline Online Round for next year: February 2024   – (New Dates to be announced soon)
Online Examination Date for next year: March 2024  – (New Dates to be announced soon)

Global Finals UK 1:18th-25th June 2023

Global Finals UK 2:30th July-06th Aug 2023

Global Finals Italy:08th -15th Oct 2023

Results: Participants will be able to see their results here after they are announced by Teeneagle.

For the year 2021 : Click Here

For the year 2022 : Click Here


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