Teeneagle Global Finals-UK (UK Trip and Competition) is a prestigious and exciting international event for students in grade 5 to 8 (Eaglets) and grades 9 to 12 (Eagles). The medalists from the Teeneagle Online are invited to compete in the Teeneagle Global Finals-UK. The UK trip lasts 8 days and 7 nights and the competition will take up two days of this trip.

Fee: 1,200 GBP

UK trip & competition: 17 – 24 July 2022

What will the cost of the fee cover:

  • Accommodation
  • 3 meals daily* (breakfast – lunch – dinner)
  • Public Transportation
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • 3 hours of English Lessons with Native English Speakers daily
  • Tickets ( for attractions etc.)
  • Daily Learning with Real Life Challenges (outdoor activities)
  • Indoor activities
  • T-shirts, caps, medals, certificates etc gifts

There are 6 categories for Teeneagle Global Finals – UK:

  1. Knowledge Quiz: Participants compete in an online quiz based on the given resources.
    Resources may include articles, films, books, short videos etc.
  2. Writing Challenge: Participants write about the chosen topic individually.
  3. Spelling Bee: Each participant is asked to spell words they have come across in the resources provided for the knowledge quiz as much as possible.
  4. Persuasive Speaking: Each participant is given 60 seconds to think about a topic and then give a speech on the topic.
  5. Talent Show: Participants are asked to present a talent; drawing, playing music,
    ..etc voluntarily.
  6. Short Video Challenge: Teams can make a short video (2-3 minutes) about London and
    their experiences by using their electronic devices.

The UK Trip & Competition has the Following Key Focus Factors:

  • Enhancing participants speaking skills
  • 3 hours of English lessons daily
  • Visits to universities with guidance around careers
  • An Award Ceremony to give students their awards based on their performances at competition

10% Discount with Selected Universities on First Year Tuition!

All teeneagle global final – UK participants will receive a 10% discount at any of our partnership universities for their first year, these include:

  1. Bradford University – Manchester
  2. Essex University – Essex
  3. Glasgow University – Glasgow
  4. Kingston University – London
  5. Lancaster University – Lancaster
  6. Leeds University – Leeds
  7. Liverpool University – Liverpool
  8. Nottingham University – Nottingham
  9. Sussex University – Brighton.
  10. York University – York
  11. Many more which can be found on our website –

ALL participants will receive the following:

  • A 10% discount for an online English course from Oscar Education
  • A Participation Certificate
  • A Report Card

Based on their results, the participants will receive:

  • Platinum Certificate for 100%
  • Gold Medal Certificate for 80-99%
  • Silver Medal Certificate for 70-79%
  • Bronze Medal Certificate for 60-69%
  • Honourable Mention Certificate for 40-60%

Top achievers of each grade will receive a discount from Oscar Education online English course as follows:

  • The top 10 students will receive an 80% discount for 6 mounts
  • Top 11-20 students will receive a 60% discount for 6 months
  • Top 21-30 students will receive 50% discount for 6 months

The top achievers in each category will receive discounts for the Teeneagle UK Trip (Global Finals-UK) as follows:

  • The top achievers in each category will receive a 100% discount
  • The second top achiever in each category will receive a 75% discount
  • The third top achiever in each category will receive a 50% discount
  • All gold medallists in each category will receive a 10% discount


The following are activities the students can look forward to:

  • Daily 3-5 hours of English lessons to help students improve their daily English-speaking skills
  • Meal time – 3 meals daily – breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Indoor board games and planned activities to allow students to socialise and interact
  • Shopping time will be allocated

On certain days, students will be split into teams of 3-5 members, and will be allocated a supervisor to participate in some of the following activities which will help with using their English skills learnt to carry out daily activities. This will be a great live learning experience for them and will also teach them some real-life skills.

Writing a travel diary etc…

These daily activities may include some of the activities listed below:

  • Visiting a post office to post a letter to family
  • Visiting a police station to report the loss of a valuable item eg. Passport
  • Shopping in an open market
  • Ordering a meal in a restaurant off the menu
  • Ordering coffee at Starbucks
  • Visiting universities and enquiring about selection criteria for applying at that university
  • Asking people for directions
  • Visiting orphanages to spend time with children
  • Visiting old-age homes to spend time with the elderly
  • Visiting people at their homes and having a meal together
  • Visiting a hotel and enquiring about booking a room, as well as doing check in and check out
  • Buying a ticket for public transportation
  • Visiting the money exchange office
  • Watching a movie at a cinema
  • Visiting historical places
  • Visiting a pet-shop
  • Visiting a museum
  • Visiting a zoo
  • Visiting schools
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