WeVoi is a ground-breaking online public speaking competition for young people eager to voice their ideas and make a change

This challenge provides a platform for speakers aged 9 to 24 to realize their potential, raise their voice, and share it with others.

Public speaking is a vital day-to-day and professional life skill for young people. WeVoi aims to unify participants from every walk of life to develop and appreciate this ability, to speak their mind and share their thoughts on an international online platform. Participants finish the competition enhancing their confidence and learning how to develop and structure their opinions.

This exciting competition is open to young minds from all over the world. There are 2 stages: WeVoi National and WeVoi Global (both are conducted online). Every young speaker has a chance to participate in both WeVoi National Rounds and qualify for the WeVoi Global Rounds. Speakers have a chance to participate in one or both National Rounds; the best out of both will be considered for qualification for the WeVoi Global Round.

Every year, WeVoi changes themes and encourages participants to give their voice to new ideas. All participants are given a certificate of participation, and the top 3 in each age category earn a monetary award in WeVoi Global. Successful speakers in WeVoi National also have the opportunity to present their winning speech in their own countries.

This online platform helps young speakers voice their ideas and be heard.

If you’re someone who wants your views to be known, or if you simply want to improve your public speaking and communication skills, or if you think that your mind and heart should be voiced, then this is the perfect opportunity for you!

The 2022-2023 WeVoi Challenge

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

The competition is divided into two rounds:

1-WeVoi National : WeVoi National is organized twice a year with two different topics. Speakers may participate in one or both of them.

2-WeVoi Global : WeVoi Global is held once a year. Speakers, who qualify from the National Rounds, gain the opportunity to participate in the Global Round.

Both WeVoi National and WeVoi Global are conducted online.

WeVoi National

WeVoi National is open to all participants within the four age categories. Participants submit a video of themselves delivering a speech on the given topic.

All submissions receive a certificate of participation. Submission deadlines for this year are 10th January, 2023 for the First National Round.

WeVoi National Topic Last Date of Registration Last Date of Submission
WeVoi National Round 1
13th January, 2023
“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” 5th January, 2023  10th January

Eligible Categories:

Age Category Speech Length
9-11 YoungsterVoi 1-2 minutes
12-14 JuniorVoi 1-2 minutes
15-18 TeenVoi 2-3 minutes
19-24 SeniorVoi 3-4 minutes


Round 1:

  • Please choose UNLISTED in the PRIVACY settings while uploading.
  • The title of your video has to be: WeVoi 2022 National Your Country: Your Title
  • For instance: “WeVoi 2022 National Pakistan: Stop Wishing! Start Doing! “
  • The description and tags of the video should contain ” WeVoi 2022 National “

Round 2:

  • Please choose UNLISTED in the PRIVACY settings while uploading.
  • The title of your video has to be: WeVoi 2022 National Your Country: Your Title
  • For instance: “WeVoi 2022 National Pakistan: “Imagine!”
  • The description and tags of the video should contain” WeVoi 2022 National “


  • Please choose UNLISTED in the PRIVACY settings while uploading.
  • The title of your video has to be: WeVoi 2023 Global Your Country: Your Title
  • For instance: ” WeVoi 2023 Global Pakistan: Love the Freedom “
  • The description and tags of the video should contain ” WeVoi 2023 Global “

How to Participate in National Round:

Step 1: Kindly complete the form Here.

Step 2: In order to confirm your registration, please send in your payments at:

Account Title: Eye on Ivy
Bank Name: Bank Alfalah
Account #: 0047-1008020549

Step 3: Please email us your transaction receipts or screenshots for electronic transfers at wevoi@eyeonivy.com

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. A coupon code will be sent at the registered email address by 13th January 2023 which will be essential for submitting the video.

Step 5: After receiving your coupon code, you can now register and submit your video at the WeVoi site without needing any credit card or billing details.

Disclaimer- Any errors or omissions in the form will the responsibility of the registrant. In case of failure to send us a photo of your paid receipt at the given address and time, we will not be responsible for registering you. 

Individual Participation Fee: 4,000 PKR

Individual Participation Fee for Global Round: 4,000 PKR

General Rules and Regulations:

  • Submission of the videos is a must.
  • Speeches must have been originally prepared by the participant for WeVoi. If statistics and quotes are used, they must be referenced (mentioned in the speech). Participants may be disqualified by the jury if plagiarism is found.
  • Speeches must be delivered in English.
  • Speeches must be related to the given topic.
  • Names, logos, uniforms of schools/institutions, and/or any similar advertising and promotional materials should not be displayed in the videos.
  • Speeches should not include any gender, racial, religious, and cultural stereotypes, bias, or any derogatory expression.
  • Speeches must be clear, comprehensible, and appropriate.
  • All videos which are sent for WeVoi cannot be used on any other social media before the competition is held. All rights pertaining to the videos belong to WeVoi.
  • Participants must qualify for WeVoi Global through WeVoi National. Decisions regarding qualification for WeVoi Global are made by the WeVoi juries.
  • Entrants cannot contact the judges before or during the competition and the judge’s decision is final.

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Preparation Tips:

Preparation Tips

For more information visitWeVoi

If you have any queries or questions feel free to write to us at wevoi@eyeonivy.com  or call us at +92 423-5958444 or +92 318 7272100

NOTE : NOTE: The courier would be attached to the provided address only once if due to some reason one is unable to collect it, you are requested to visit the office for the collection of your certificate/ medal. The students who register via us are eligible for medals and certificates.

Payment is non refundable if you are unable to participate in the competition after registration.

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