September 20, 2020 Ahmad Raza

What if the first round of a renowned math competition is free for you?

What if the first round of a renowned math competition is free for you?

Caribou is a yearly series of six worldwide online math contests for students in grades 2-12. The contests and all of their math distance learning resources can be accessed in 6 languages.

The Caribou Mathematics Competition is a world wide online contest that is held six times throughout the school year. Each of these days, five contests are offered, one for each of the grade levels 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12. The Caribou Cup is the series of all Caribou Contests in one year. Each student’s ranking in the Caribou Cup is determined by their performance in their best five of six contests through the school year. The goals of this project are to: – Provide challenging math activities for interested grade 3-12 students. – Show that mathematical puzzles can be fun and that competing in math contests can be exciting and fun!

Dates of Caribou Cup 2020-2021

  • 14th(Wed) & 15th(Thu) October, 2020 (Round 1)
  • 11th(Wed) & 12th(Thu) November, 2020 (Round 2)
  • 13th(Wed) & 14th(Thu) January, 2021(Round 3)
  • 10th(Wed) & 11th(Thu) February, 2021 (Round 4)
  • 27th(Wed) & 8th(Thu) April, 2021 (Round 5)
  • 5th(Wed) & 6th(Thu) May, 2021 (Round 6)

Good news is that Round 1 of this 6 series Caribou cup 2020-201 is free for all grades and free for grade 2 students for the  whole year. So what are you waiting for?  Register today with your Caribou Pakistan Contact.  Any school-aged child can participate in Caribou Contests. The competition is online so you can participate from home or school if it is registered.


Note: After first round, grade 3 -12 candidates will have to buy access codes for the rest of the 5 rounds. 

Registration and Fees

Individual Student Participation Rs. 3,000.00-PKR (for whole school year, Caribou Cup)

School Wide Contest Participation: 75,000.00-PKR (for whole school year, Caribou Cup)

Please go to our webpage download registration form and send it tot We will send you your fee invoice and your sig- in details. Your sign-in will enable you:

To write the contests on Contest Days
To view results after the 2nd Contest Day
To download/print certificates
To access purchases (eg. online games, tutorials, solutions)

For any questions and inquiries please contact us at:

Mobile: +923187272100 or +923218820856

Caribou has more projects under way, including 3 new interactive puzzle challenges and a vision of a more mobile-friendly We will keep you informed of these developments as they make Caribou Contests ever more useful to students, educators, and parents. If for some reason it is not possible to organize participation at school this year, for example due to school closures or a large number of families opting to school at home, please know that you can sign up for and access our math contests and resources from home.

Caribou and Eye On Ivy wish you a healthy and happy start to the new school year.

Stay tuned for updates & stay safe!


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