Eye on Ivy

We offer strategic advice and guidance on the admissions process to a wide variety of programs abroad.
We turn a typically stressful time into a fun and transformative experience.

College Pre-Application Planning

It is never too early to start the college planning process. Choose the right set of extracurriculars, summer activities, and internships.

College Application Preparation

Craft your personalized application program. Identify your academic passion, best-fit colleges and how to tackle the all important essays and resume.

Essay Services

Develop a distinct narrative that presents your ‘uniqueness’

Resume Feedback

Build a stellar resume and get into your dream college!

Graduate School Guidance

Identify potential areas of study to achieve your graduate study goals.

IB, American System or 0-A-Levels?

Not sure which system is right for your child? Let us help you identify what works best.

We work with the driven and ambitious to help them reach for the stars.

Founder’s Message

We are type-A personality individuals. Our competitive zeal translates into fighting fiercely to get you into your top choice colleges.
We take it personally if you don’t get in.

Shanza N. Khan

Founder & Head Counselor

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Growing Network of Change Makers

Why Us?

As a graduate from Emory and Harvard University and having served as a member of Harvard University’s Public Policy Leadership Admissions Committee, I have a unique insight on how top universities select their hydra applicants and how YOU can be one of them. Read more…

Strategic Personalized Approach

Our unique and proprietary approach will make us understand the elements that make you tick and match you with a school that best fits your needs. Read more…

Specialized Counselling for IB Students

We understand the unique curriculum that IB students are required to master and help them use it to their advantage.

Customized Student Blueprint

Each student has a different background and may require specialized services. We work with every client to create a customized blueprint.

Most people blend into the crowd – we will help you stand out and get in.

Get Connected

We invite you to speak with one of our admission consultants to discuss your child’s dreams and aspirations.
Please give us a call or fill out our contact form.

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