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We are type-A personality individuals. Our competitive zeal translates into fighting fiercely to get you into your top choice colleges. Admissions Counseling at Eye On Ivy will stop at nothing to get you in. 

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At Eye on Ivy, we employ our carefully developed, Strategic Personalized Approach (SPA) in providing admissions counseling to the students.

We take the time to get to know our students so we can understand what they’re seeking and suggest schools and programs that fit. We understand that not all students are in the top 2 percent of their class, members of the National Swimming Team, and part of their school orchestra. Each person has a unique story to tell. With the SPA, we will understand the elements that make you tick and match you with a school that best fits your needs.

Under the SPA, we combine these two elements to help our students in a holistic manner, a proven approach that is tailored to the individual. The college application process becomes more complicated and competitive each year – making an already difficult, stressful procedure even more daunting. We’ll help you look beyond the conflicting rankings, providing a customized, strategic plan to successfully navigate the entire college application process, and identify where you will prosper and thrive.

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College Pre-Application Planning (Graduate, PhD)

We Work With The Driven & Ambitious To Help Them Reach For The Stars.

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Our Services

Work with the Most Trusted Consultants in College Admissions Counseling

College Pre-Application Planning

Start building your college profile years ahead of college application. Our profile development program is designed to support you in selecting relevant courses, planning for the SAT/ACT preparation, enabling you to identify the suitable extracurricular activities, and helping you secure leadership opportunities to create a distinct and valuable profile for your college applications.

College Application Preparation

Create a personalized application to enhance your chances of success. Discover your academic passion, identify best-fit colleges, and learn strategies for tackling the crucial essays and resume. Our personalized approach will help you navigate the application process with confidence and increase your chances of getting into your dream college.

Essay Writing

Craft a compelling and distinct narrative which showcases your individuality. Our experts will guide you in developing a compelling story that highlights your unique qualities, experiences, and perspective. By creating a unique narrative, you'll stand out among other applicants and leave a lasting impression on college admissions officers.

Resume Writing Counseling

Create an outstanding resume and unlock the door to your dream college! Our program will help you craft a stellar resume that showcases your achievements, experiences, and skills in a compelling way. With a well-crafted resume, you'll make strong impression on college admissions officers and increase your chances of being admitted to your dream college.

Graduate School Guidance

Discover potential areas of study to achieve your graduate study goals. Our program will assist you in identifying fields of study that align with your career aspirations and with your academic interests. We provide personalised guidance to help you explore different options, evaluate their feasibility, and choose the right path to pursue your graduate study goals.

Choosing The Right Education System

Unsure about which educational system is the best fit for you? Let us assist you in identifying the most suitable curriculum. Our program will help you evaluate different systems, consider factors such as your learning style, academic goals, and individual needs. With our guidance, you can make an informed decision and choose the system that works best for your educational journey.

We Work With The Driven & Ambitious To Help Them Reach For The Stars.

Why Us For Admissions Counseling?

As a graduate of both Emory and Harvard Universities, and having served as a member of Harvard University’s Public Policy Leadership Admissions Committee, our Head Counselor, Shanza N. Khan, possesses a unique perspective on how top universities evaluate their applicants. She can provide valuable insights on how you can position yourself as a standout candidate and increase your chances of being accepted to your dream university. We make you achieve this with guidance  for admissions counseling.

Secure Your Admissions

Strategic Personalized Approach

Our distinctive and proprietary approach is designed to deeply understand your individual strengths, interests, and preferences. Moreover, allowing us to carefully match you with a school that aligns with your unique needs. Through our personalized approach, we will uncover what motivates and inspires you. Ultimately, we can identify the educational institution that will best cater to your requirements.

Specialized Counseling for IB Students

We at Eye On Ivy possess a comprehensive understanding of the distinctive curriculum. We know International Baccalaureate (IB) students are tasked with mastering, and we leverage this knowledge to their advantage. Our approach is specifically designed to empower IB students. Helping them navigate the curriculum effectively and utilize it as a strength in their college applications.

Customized Student Blueprint

We recognize that each student comes from a unique background and may have distinct needs. That's why we provide tailored and specialized services to every client, working closely with them. Creating a customized blueprint for their academic journey. Our approach is individualized, ensuring that each student receives personalized guidance. As our main goal is to support to achieve their specific goals.

While many applicants may blend into the crowd, our program is designed to help you stand out and gain admission. We provide personalized guidance and support to ensure that you shine as a unique and exceptional candidate. Our strategies and insights will help you make a memorable impression. Increases your chances of gaining admission to your desired institution.

Eye On Ivy's Testimonals

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Why Use an Education Consultant?

The process of applying to colleges and universities can be highly stressful. Not only are the actual applications time consuming and often complicated. Getting the right information and understanding your options can also be extremely difficult. If you’re not well informed, it will be impossible to make good decisions. We provide complete admissions counseling to students so they can secure their place accordingly.

Choosing where you go to university will have lasting implications for your future career. Picking a school should be about more than just the name: it should, first and foremost, be about the fit. What does fit actually mean and how can you figure out what might be a fit with so many colleges, universities and programs to choose from?

That’s where we come in. We will help guide you through the process step-by- step. At the end of the day, even though the process of applying to colleges and universities. It is inherently stressful, it should also be transformative and even fun!

We can provide a student and family with individual attention, firsthand knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities. Afterthat, their is time to explore all of the options.

With our extensive knowledge of schools and colleges, we can broaden the potential choices. Likewise provide vital help in weighing factors such as cost, location and curriculum.

Eye On Ivy are not tied to any specific school or college. Certainly, giving students and families unbiased advice and recommendations based on our professional judgment of a student’s needs and abilities.

As first and foremost advocates for the student. Espacially, help you identify the learning environment that best suits the individual needs. Although, we offer unbiased help in evaluating the pros and cons of every institution. Indeed understand admission standards and criteria. Certainly, we help sort through the glut of information that is inevitably overwhelming.

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