The Strategic Personalized Approach

At Eye on Ivy, we employ our carefully developed, Strategic Personalized Approach (SPA).

Strategy is essential to the application process, particularly in assessing goals and creating the best plan to help students determine and achieve their targets. A Personalized process is key. At Eye on Ivy, we take the time to get to know our students so we can understand what they’re seeking and suggest schools and programs that fit. We understand that not all students are in the top 2 percent of their class, members of the National Swimming Team, and part of their school orchestra. Each person has a unique story to tell. With the SPA, we will understand the elements that make you tick and match you with a school that best fits your needs.

Under the SPA, we combine these two elements to help our students in a holistic manner, a proven approach that is tailored to the individual. The college application process becomes more complicated and competitive each year – making an already difficult, stressful procedure even more daunting. We’ll help you look beyond the conflicting rankings, providing a customized, strategic plan to successfully navigate the entire college application process, and identify where you will prosper and thrive.

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