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College planning involves much more than just filling out forms, taking standardized tests, and asking for recommendation letters. The process requires self-reflection and consideration of both your budget and the pros and cons of different types of institutions. It’s important to start this process of self-reflection sooner rather than later. Starting to think about college early gives you two main advantages. First, you have time to change your mind and adjust your plans accordingly. Second, you can select undergraduate courses and extracurricular activities that help make you a more competitive applicant for your target colleges.

College applications generally open in August and are due in the late fall or early winter of your senior year. As such, most students start applying in the fall. That said, it’s advised you get a head start on certain application materials, such as securing good GRE/GMAT scores and asking for letters of recommendation, toward the end of junior year or during the summer before senior year. Early round deadlines are earlier in the fall, usually in November. If you plan to apply for early admission, you’ll need to get started on the application process sooner.

Eye on Ivy offers comprehensive and customized profile-building services tailored to your needs.

  1. Academic Passion: Align your academic passion to the choice of a college graduate major.
  2. Best Fit Colleges: Not sure which colleges should fall in your select list? Finalize a balanced list of colleges that are a good match, including some reach, target, and safety schools.
  3. Final Testing: Assess the top test scores of standardized tests to send to colleges.
  4. College Applications: Assist in answering the questions in the application portals.
  5. Personal Essay: Don’t know how to begin writing a great essay? We can help you write persuasive and powerful essays to secure your college admission. Your essay reveals who you are to the Admissions Committee. We are master storytellers and grammar fanatics. We will help you brainstorm unique and effective essay ideas and craft a distinct narrative that presents your “uniqueness.”
  6. Supplemental Essays: Help to strategically answer supplemental questions and essays, specific to the college at hand.
  7. Letters of Recommendation: Identify teachers, counsellor, and/or a coach who may be your best advocates. Enable them to write stellar letters of recommendation. Most top students have surprisingly subpar recommendation letters. We advise you on which teachers would be best positioned to write you recommendation letters and how they would best be able to speak to your specific academic and personal strengths.
  8. Resume Feedback: Make your resume stand out. A good resume should provide a clear, succinct snapshot of who you really are, and the value you bring to the table. With our resume review service, craft a stellar resume and get into your dream college.
  9. Interviews: Prepare for the interview by studying a list of frequently asked questions. Learn insider tips to impress the interviewer. We prepare you for both on-campus and alumni interviews by teaching you to dictate your interview so that you control what is written on the interview evaluations by guiding the content and flow of the interview itself. Our team will prepare you for common questions that are asked during interviews and how to answer them effectively.
  10. Admission Decisions: Evaluate college admissions options once you are admitted.

The Comprehensive Package ensures that we will work with you from the beginning of the application process to after admission results have been received (normally a period of nine months to one year). During this time, our team will be present to assist you with any of the above services in a timely manner.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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