Office Staff

Shanza N. Khan


Meet Shanza N. Khan, a distinguished professional who wears multiple hats as Founder and Head Counselor. Shanza holds an MA in Public Policy from Harvard University, where she received a fully funded Dean’s Fellowship, Jane Mansbridge Award, and Roy Scholarship. She graduated with a Summa Cum Laude in Economics from Emory University at the young age of nineteen. Shanza’s outstanding achievements have earned her memberships in prestigious organizations such as the Omicron Delta Kappa, National Leadership Honor Society, and the Omicron Delta Epsilon International Economic Honor Society in the USA. With over 22 years of experience, Shanza has worked with renowned development organizations including the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Aga Khan Development Network, MicroFinance Opportunities, Overseas Development Institute, DFID, USAID, GIZ, UNICEF, UNDP, and was also a founding member of Strategic and Policy Research Pvt. Ltd in Islamabad.

Ahmad Raza Khan

Senior HR and Admin Officer

Ahmad Raza Khan is our Senior Officer for HR and Administration. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. With a Master’s degree in English Language & Literature, he adeptly handles the complexities of our global, domestic, and corporate agreements. Ahmad’s responsibilities span a broad spectrum, encompassing efficient administrative support, overseeing and guiding our office staff, and strategically assigning tasks to optimize productivity. He effectively coordinates with both local and international partners, fostering valuable partnerships. Ahmad’s extensive skill set and unwavering commitment ensure the seamless functioning of all our divisions.

Haider Ali

Data Analyst

Haider Ali is our official data cruncher. He is responsible for meticulously analyzing and interpreting data to unearth valuable insights that help students navigate the complex landscape of higher education. His expertise lies in researching and understanding the evolving requirements of universities across the globe, ensuring that students are well informed and prepared for their applications. Prior to his new position, Haider was a student counselor and is passionate about education, research, and helping students achieve their academic goals.  His expertise in data analyses and student counseling make him an invaluable member of our team.

Kaukab Khalid

Head of Contests Division

Kaukab serves as the Head of the Contests Division at Eye on Ivy, where she plays a pivotal role in driving the organization’s mission to empower Pakistani students and guide them towards admission into the world’s top universities. With a focus on fostering collaboration, Kaukab strives to establish meaningful partnerships with international partners as well as with Pakistani schools and create opportunities for students to unlock their full potential. Kaukab Khalid is a seasoned education professional with a strong passion for fostering academic excellence and empowering students.

Muhammad Shahzad

Finance Officer

Muhammad Shahzad serves as our Finance Officer and has an MBA in Finance. He is responsible for managing the financial well-being of our organization, promoting success and growth while maintaining compliance with legal financial practices. Muhammad oversees financial planning to determine how to pay off liabilities and drive business growth. He also reviews financial documents to ensure tax compliance and collaborates with other departments to achieve financial goals. With his expertise in finance, Muhammad plays a crucial role in ensuring our organization’s financial stability and success.

Roha Khalid

Systems Specialist

Roha is the Systems Specialist at Eye on Ivy. She plays an instrumental role in making sure students are updated on college admissions requirements. Having completed her LLB (Hons), Roha brings with her extensive knowledge on the legal profession and can assist students interested in pursuing it themselves. She is passionate about guiding students and helping them on their journey to higher education. Roha was one of the top-ranked students in her bachelor’s program and knows what it takes to succeed academically. She also took part in and won Moot Court Competitions at the national and international level and her experience is invaluable in guiding students on how to participate in and win academic competitions. Roha’s many expertise make her an integral part of our team.

Shahid Baig

IT Officer

Shahid Saleem Baig serves as our IT officer, overseeing the efficient operation of our computer systems. He is responsible for supervising the implementation and maintenance of our company’s computing infrastructure, including data security, network access, and backup systems. With his expertise in IT management, Shahid ensures that our IT systems are running smoothly and securely to support the organization’s overall operations.

Zeeshan Ali


With a Master’s degree in Philosophy in English Applied Linguistics, and with a major in computational linguistics, with over 4 years of experience in English language teaching at The University of Lahore, Zeeshan is an academic at heart. Trained in writing and editing, he is an expert in strategic communication and communicative behaviors. At Eye on Ivy, Zeshan works with students to help them craft a stellar resume.

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