Zayna Ahsan (LA DHA) - Perfect 1600 on the SAT - Edufit

Zayna Ahsan (LA DHA) – Perfect 1600 on the SAT – Edufit

Hurray…. Pop the confetti, peeps! Congratulations to our star college applicant, Zayna Ahsen from Learning Alliance – DHA, for achieving a perfect 1600 on the SAT! This incredible feat displays not only her focus, commitment, and hard work but also the exceptional guidance from Edufit – a customized, online prep program and our partner that promises to empower Pakistani students on their journey to SAT success. Zayna has shown us what can be accomplished with the right support and determination as achieving a perfect score is incredibly rare. Kudos to Zayna and we are thankful to our partner Edufit for providing excellent prep services. We are immensely proud of her and look forward to seeing her continue to reach new heights. Keep shining, Zayna! Your success inspires us all. #EyeOnIvy #CollegeApplicant #Achievements #SATScore #SAT #Edufit #TopScore #EyeOnIvyEducationConsultants
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Eye On Ivy - Yale Silver Scholar - Haider Sultan

Podcast – Difference between Deferred MBA and Regular MBA

Ms. Shanza Khan, Founder and CEO of Eye on Ivy, in conversation with Haider Sultan, Pakistan’s First Trailblazing Yale Silver Scholar. Let’s, hear firsthand from Haider as he shares his journey to success through a Deferred MBA program. EyeOnIvy #DeferredMBA #HaiderSultan #RegularMBA #SuccessJourney #YaleSilverScholar #LUMS #EyeOnIvyCollegeCounseling
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Eye On Ivy - Eid Mubarak 2024

Eid ul Adha 2024 – Warm Greetings

This Eid al-Adha, as we celebrate sacrifice and devotion, we at Eye on Ivy reflect on the dedication of our students and their families. Your commitment to academic excellence inspires us every day. May this Eid bring you and your loved ones joy, prosperity, and the fulfillment of your dreams. We at Eye on Ivy remain dedicated to guiding you on your educational journey towards a brighter future. #EidAlAdha2024 #EyeOnIvy #AcademicExcellence #EducationalJourney #CelebrateDedication #ProsperityAndJoy
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Premier college counselling firm Eye on Ivy

Premier College Counselling Firm – Eye on Ivy

Premier college counselling firm Eye on Ivy is the brainchild of Shanza Khan, herself an alumnus of Harvard and Emory universities. At only nineteen years of age, she was the youngest ever to graduate Summa cum Laude from Emory University. At Harvard, she received a fully funded Dean’s Fellowship and did her postgrad in Public Policy. Shanza knows what it takes to get into the best colleges and along with her team can guide you to yours. Eye on Ivy’s team of expert mentors and counsellors are graduates of top US and UK schools such as Harvard, New York University, SOAS and Sussex. They are specialists in college placements and financial aid procurement. Our dedicated team will stop at nothing to make sure you get into your dream school and will help you find financial assistance as well! #EyeOnIvy #EyeOnIvyAcceptances #EyeOnIvyTopAcceptances #EyeOnIvyCollegeCounseling #CollegeCounselor #CollegeAdvisor #CollegeAdmissions #Scholarships #EducationalConsultants #collegeacceptances #ivyleagues #topcolleges #globalapproach #collegescholarships #gettingyoutothefinishline #harvardgrad #dreamcollege #collegeplacements #collegecounseling
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College Counseling - Is your college among the happiest in America?

Is your college among the happiest in America?

From academics to student life, discover what sets these top 10 colleges apart and why students are beaming with joy as highlighted by The Princeton Review. Whether it’s the vibrant campus community, engaging extracurriculars, or supportive environment, these universities know how to keep their students smiling. Check out the list and see if your dream school made the cut!Contact Eye on Ivy 𝗖𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘀𝗲𝗹𝗼𝗿𝘀 𝘁𝗼𝗱𝗮𝘆! For more details:📲 +𝟗𝟐 𝟑𝟐𝟏 𝟖𝟖𝟐 𝟎𝟖𝟓𝟔📧📌 95, Upper Mall, Lahore HappiestColleges #EyeOnIvy #TopColleges #BrilliantStudents #EyeOnIvyAcceptances #EyeOnIvyCollegeCounseling #CollegeCounselor #CollegeAdvisor #AdmissionsCounselors #EducationalConsultants
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Eye On Ivy & Learning Alliance Workshop Subject Selection LAI with MYP 3 and MYP 5

Workshop Subject Selection LAI with MYP 3 and MYP 5

A profile building workshop was conducted for students and parents at Learning Alliance International, Lahore. The session was interactive and covered topics such as subject selection, taking career tests to determine high potential areas and aptitudes, exploring extracurriculars outside of school and building volunteer hours to develop a wholesome profile targeted toward specific career goals. Information was disseminated with regard to IB equivalence, SAT prep, international academic programs and contests that bring local students at par with their global peers. The talk was followed by a question/answer session about applications to top colleges in Pakistan, US Ivy League, Oxbridge and other countries including Europe,  Singapore & Australia.  For more information on getting college ready, contact our counsellors today. Mehreen Haq 03103335591 Profile Builder Counselor – Eye on Ivy 
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Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Academic Year 2023-2024:
A Recap of Our Year-Long Journey!

Plutarch said, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” Our students have proved that they have the fires of curiosity and ambition within, and we proudly share our students’ phenomenal achievements for the 2023-24 academic year. It’s a dazzling display of excellence. Total University Acceptances: 494 Scholarships Gained: 220 Total Scholarship Amount: $18,936,012 494 acceptances to top-tier universities across the globe! Our brilliant students have snagged their places to pursue their passions and ignite their futures. But the fire doesn’t stop there. Our students garnered a remarkable 220 scholarships, totalling an incredible $18,936,012! The remarkable achievements of our students reflect their exceptional intellect and passion for learning and inquiry. We are incredibly proud of each one of our students in this academic year. Onward and upward! #EyeOnIvy #TopTierUniversities #BrilliantStudents #EyeOnIvyAcceptances23_24 #EyeOnIvyCollegeCounseling #CollegeCounselor #CollegeAdvisor #CollegeAdmissions #Scholarships #EducationalConsultants
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How to Navigate the Landscape of Competitive
College Admissions

The “Connecting Educators” conference at Lahore’s Pearl Continental was a hub of enlightenment. It focused on pivotal themes in education. The event successfully engaged educators and professionals in vital conversations. Fostering a platform for robust discussions and innovative solutions. One of the interesting sessions, “How to Navigate the Landscape of Competitive College Admissions” was moderated by Mr. Taimur Banday. In which he discussed the college application process with Eye on Ivy’s Founder and CEO, Ms. Shanza Khan, and the Counselor, Ms. Nazia Hashmi. This session provides a detailed guide to navigating the competitive college admissions process. It stresses the importance of understanding the competitive nature of college admissions and the need for strategic planning. Key components of strong applications were discussed, including academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and personal statement and essays. The video also highlights the critical role of college counselors in guiding students through the application process. An interesting segment compares US universities with international institutions, such as those in Hong Kong, highlighting factors like affordability and QS ratings. This encourages students to consider a broad range of options and find the best fit for their academic and personal goals. The video concludes by reminding viewers that the goal of the college admissions process is not just about getting into a prestigious university but finding a place where students can thrive and grow. Strategic planning, self-reflection, and seeking guidance are emphasized as essential steps towards this goal.
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Edufit - Eye On Ivy

Elevate your prep game with SAT Registration.

Eye on Ivy has teamed up with Edufit, a top-tier US-based online SAT prep program, to ensure you reach your full potential. Enroll now for expert guidance Do you know that the SAT opens doors to over 4,000 universities worldwide, shaping your future wherever your dreams take you? With 400+ international universities in 85 countries also considering SAT scores, your opportunities are limitless! But act fast! Registration Deadline is approaching fast! Secure your spot now! Registration for the August 2024–June 2025 SAT test is now LIVE. Secure your seat with College Board before it’s too late. (See the registration calendar below) Curious to learn more? Join Edufit’s CEO, Reema Chitalia, in an informative webinar, “Edufit – SAT Prep,” and unlock insider tips for success. Fill out the form and secure your registration. #EyeOnIvy #SATPrepPrograms #InternationalUniversities #SATScores #Opportunities #CollegeBoard #EnrollNow
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Attend Our IELTS Master Class in Lahore

Attending a complimentary 2-hour IELTS Master class could be the key to improving your score. Led by certified IELTS experts, these sessions provide insights into assessment criteria, band scores, and the English language skills sought by IELTS examiners in both written and spoken responses. You’ll also gain awareness of common mistakes to avoid and have the opportunity to ask questions directly to our expert panel. Here’s what the IDP IELTS Masterclass session offers: Enhanced understanding of test scoring and marking criteria Guidance and strategies for comprehending and answering questions effectively on test day. Tips to avoid common mistakes. Dedicated time for interacting with the presenter. Event Details: Date: 16th May 2024 Place: Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore: Palace Hall Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM #IDPPakistan #IDPIELTSPK #EyeOnIvy #MasterClass #IELTS
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