Zayna Ahsan (LA DHA) - Perfect 1600 on the SAT - Edufit

Zayna Ahsan (LA DHA) – Perfect 1600 on the SAT – Edufit

Hurray…. Pop the confetti, peeps!

Congratulations to our star college applicant, Zayna Ahsen from Learning Alliance – DHA, for achieving a perfect 1600 on the SAT! This incredible feat displays not only her focus, commitment, and hard work but also the exceptional guidance from Edufit – a customized, online prep program and our partner that promises to empower Pakistani students on their journey to SAT success.

Zayna has shown us what can be accomplished with the right support and determination as achieving a perfect score is incredibly rare. Kudos to Zayna and we are thankful to our partner Edufit for providing excellent prep services.

We are immensely proud of her and look forward to seeing her continue to reach new heights. Keep shining, Zayna! Your success inspires us all.

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