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EducationUSA Welcomes Promising Scholars
into CCC 2024-26 Cohort

EducationUSA recently welcomed a cohort of promising scholars into the Competitive College Club (CCC) for the 2024-26 academic year. Held at the prestigious Prometric Centre, FC College Lahore, the induction event was not only a celebration of academic excellence but also evidence of transformative power of guidance and mentorship.

Among the group of students inducted, each represents the top 10% of their class, showcasing their exceptional academic achievements. Their induction into the CCC signifies not just recognition but also an opportunity to receive comprehensive support and guidance throughout their university application journey. It was a moment of pride as students from EoI’s partner school, Learning Alliance, were also inducted into the CCC 2024-25 cohort, further highlighting the collaborative efforts to nurture and support academic excellence across educational institutions. EducationUSA CCC (Competitive College Club welcomes student for the academic year 2024-2026.

The induction event was not just a formal affair; it was an engaging experience designed to inspire and motivate the incoming cohort. A quiz program added an element of fun. Then came the segment where audience heard from CCC members of previous cohorts about their experiences and success stories that served as both encouragement and guidance for the newcomers. Listening to firsthand accounts of how previous cohorts secured admissions to universities in the USA, often with scholarships, highlighted the impact of the CCC program.

Now these promising scholars get ready for their journey with the CCC, with confidence as they are part of a supportive community committed to their success.

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