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Eye on Ivy’s CEO Ms. Shanza Khan’s visit to LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences). As a guest speaker for the course. “Education and International Development – Theories, Issues, and Concerns,”. It was a highly anticipated event that enriched the academic experience for both students and faculty. Shanza Khan’s appearance at LUMS is the key experience moment for students attended the session.

However, As an expert in the field, Ms. Khan brought practical insights and extensive expertise to the field. Contributing to a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding education and international development. Her presentation covered a range of topics, including theoretical frameworks. Emerging issues, and practical concerns that shape the landscape of education.

During the session, students had the opportunity to engage with Ms. Khan, asking questions and participating in discussions. Her experiences provided valuable context for the theoretical concepts discussed in the course, enhancing the academic discourse. The session inspired students to consider the practical implications of their studies and encouraged them to think critically about their roles in the future of education and international development.

Overall, Ms. Khan’s guest lecture at LUMS was a valuable addition to the educational experience, offering students a unique opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional and gain insights that will undoubtedly contribute to their academic and professional growth.

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