O'Level Subject Selection Workshop

O’Level Subject Selection Workshop

Learning Alliance, Aziz Avenue, hosted a “O’Level Subject Selection Workshop” for Grade 8 students, featuring Ms. Shanza Khan, Founder and CEO of Eye on Ivy. The workshop was primarily conducted by Vice Principal Ms. Maira Afzal Nadir while the Principal, Ms. Bushra Malik was also present. In one segment of the workshop, Ms. Shanza Khan outlined EoI’s offerings like profile building, placements, leadership planning, volunteer work, and summer activities that help with students’ college admissions abroad.

As a Learning Alliance partner, EOI’s services were highlighted to assist students. This helps in making informed decisions about profile building and counseling. The presentation garnered significant interest, with attendees engaged and posing questions. Reflecting the keen interest of students in preparing for their academic journeys.

The workshop, a synergy of educational institutions and industry experts. This provided a comprehensive view of college admissions abroad. It emphasised holistic development through placements, leadership planning, volunteer work, and summer activities. This holistic approach resonated with students. Seeking a competitive edge in the global educational landscape.

In conclusion, the “O’Level Subject Selection Workshop” was a catalyst for informed decision-making, sparking curiosity. Providing valuable insights that will shape the academic journeys of Grade 8 students at Learning Alliance. Collaborative initiatives like these are instrumental in preparing students for success in a competitive global educational environment.

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