Shanza N. Khan Elevates The Smart School’s 4th Bilingual Speech Contest with Special Guest Appearance

The Smart School’s 4th Bilingual Speech Contest 2023 held at the regional, and culminating in the national level, provided an opportunity for students to articulate their thoughts on a range of topics, offering insights into their perspectives and intellectual depth. Adding a touch of prestige to the occasion was the presence of Eye on Ivy’s Founder & CEO, Ms. Shanza Khan, who graced the event as a distinguished special guest. Ms. Khan, known for her accomplishments and contributions in various fields, brought an air of sophistication and inspiration to the proceedings. Her presence not only elevated the significance of the contest but also highlighted the importance of nurturing and showcasing the inherent talents of the younger generation.

As a special guest at Smart School’s 4th Bilingual Speech Contest, she shared her insights and experiences with the audience. Her words resonated with the students, emphasizing the value of effective communication and the role it plays in shaping their future endeavors. Ms. Khan encouraged the students to embrace their natural talents and pursue excellence in their academic and personal journeys.

The Smart School community was honored to host Ms. Shanza Khan, recognizing her as a symbol of achievement and inspiration. Her participation not only added a layer of prestige to the event but also reinforced the school’s commitment to providing holistic education that goes beyond academic excellence. 

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