Utilizing the Resources offered by the SAT

You all must have heard by now that the SAT has gone digital. The test remains largely the same as the pen and pencil version except for a few changes. There are a number of resources available for practicing for the SAT but the Bluebook app also offers practice tests as a form of free assessment for the final test. The app contains testing previews which show you the real test questions, and allow you to try out testing tools and to practice testing with other assistive technologies. The app also contains four full-length SATs. These will be automatically scored for you giving you a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses. College Board has partnered with the Khan Academy as well to provide students with free SAT prep resources.

Familiar Terrain

The SAT remains one of the most important college prerequisites. Even colleges and universities that are SAT optional, value the SAT as an important tool for the college admissions process. The SAT lets you apply to universities in the US and worldwide. But in case you are wondering, the digital SAT is largely the same as the pencil and paper version. It is still testing what you learnt in school in preparation for college. The score scales also remain the same as the pencil and paper version.

So What’s New

You may be wondering, so what’s changed? Well, there are 2 additional SATs added to the calendar making it a total of 7 dates per year. The digital SAT is also shorter than the pencil and paper version, lasting 2 hours and 14 minutes instead of 3 hours. Conversely, you’ll have more time to answer each question as the SAT will be more concentrated on testing your knowledge and skill rather than your test-taking speed.  

Preparing for the SATs

Within the app, you will have access to test preview which allows you to get familiar with the app and the structure of the test. You’ll also get to try out sample questions from the Reading and Writing and Math sections. You will also have access to full length practice tests which will also give you a final score. These tests will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, helping you craft a targeted study plan focusing on areas that will have the greatest impact on your score. What’s more, with the College Board partnering with the Khan Academy, you have an entire suite of resources available to you including videos, articles and worked examples. The Khan Academy will also give you resources relevant to your test type based on your test date and location.

Edufit and Eye on Ivy

For students in Pakistan Eye on Ivy is offering a unique opportunity in preparing for the SAT. We have partnered with the US-based Edufit, which is an online SAT prep program. Edufit is the only customized online program where 89% of students have achieved a 200-point/4-point increase in just 8 weeks of prep time. Additionally, the advisory board of Edufit includes the Senior Director of College Board, the creator of the digital SAT.

By using the tools available to you and staying dedicated to your SAT preparation, you can improve your confidence, performance and ultimately your test scores. Success on the SAT takes time and effort, so it is important to stay focused and motivated and to keep pushing yourself towards your goals.

Author, Fatima Burki

Fatima Burki is a graduate of the University of Sussex in the UK. A former editor at The Daily Times in Lahore and research editor at Imagination Publishing in Chicago, with 20 years of experience in writing and editing, Fatima currently works with students as an editor at Eye on Ivy.

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